How You Can Help Ukraine

22nd March 2022

The world has been shocked these last few weeks by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, what is heartening is how charities & individuals have rallied to help. From supporting the humanitarian effort, getting food, water, medical supplies, clothing and sanitary products to where they’re needed to and lobbying the government to match the public donations, the number of charities helping Ukraine has increased day by day. Do you know how you can help Ukraine? If you don’t then check out this blog to get some more information. 

What has the Government Said?

Government advice is to give financial assistance via recognised charities rather than trying to send goods directly, in order that life-saving assistance provided by formal channels isn’t unintentionally obstructed. It is therefore important to be sure that your charity is trustworthy and genuine as people are relying on social media to keep them informed as to the latest situation. You can do this by promoting your products and detail how that can make the difference. 

A quick Google search brings up the websites of a large number of charities helping Ukraine to whom people can donate to, or they can buy Ukraine themed products to show their solidarity with them,for example flags, badges etc. 

A lot of people are worried by the continuous news stories about the subject and find it more reassuring to hear from charities directly involved to understand the situation and to see whether their help is having an effect. It is therefore essential that charities continue to communicate. It’s important not only to garner more public support for this cause, but also to reassure those that have donated that the funds are being used to help Ukraine.

What Can Charities Do?

There are many ways in which charities can communicate. Social media is the first port of call for many people and should be employed where possible. It is possible to not only post on the main charity page, but also to target communications to local areas where charities have headquarters or drop-off points. This is particularly helpful when donations of goods are required. Whilst radio and television adverts are helpful, they are costly so their use should be carefully considered as many people will feel that their donations are partly funding advertising rather than going straight to the people that need it. As well as using these charities selling Ukraine flags, wristbands, stickers, badges and so much more.

Many of the charities helping Ukraine have a database of regular donors and in situations like this, it can be helpful to approach these people to ask to increase their support. Doing this by phone or email is beneficial as it targets people that already believe strongly in the charity’s cause but care should be taken not to apply excess pressure as this can be off-putting for many, especially if they are already generous donors.

Where do we Come Into It?

Charities can do their bit but, now more than ever it is important that they do that and give people the chance to help Ukraine. By selling Ukraine themed products it can spread the message of support and solidarity.  If you are a charity and want to do your bit by getting some promotional products such as flags, wristbands, badges, sweatbands and so much more get in contact with us today.

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