Fun Promotional Products

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At Lancaster Printing, we believe that adding a dash of fun to your promotional strategy can make a world of difference. Our collection of vibrant and lively merchandise is designed to inject joy into every occasion. From corporate events to charity fundraisers, we’ve got the perfect products to elevate your brand and cause.

We believe in infusing every occasion with a touch of vibrancy, and our collection of promotional merchandise is designed to do just that. From our sizzling sunglasses that make a statement at outdoor events to the hydration havens of our eco-friendly water bottles perfect for fitness campaigns, each product serves as a canvas for your brand.

Stir up excitement at happy hours with our cocktail stirrers, let the fun soar with our branded frisbees, and add a splash of fun to tabletops with captivating coasters. These products aren’t just items, they’re experiences waiting to unfold. Fun is contagious, and memorable experiences leave a lasting impact.

Whether you’re aiming to create a buzz around your brand, support a charitable cause or simply spread joy, our fun promotional products collection has something for every occasion.

Spread the joy of Lancaster Printing across diverse sectors

Small businesses, whether boutique shops or local cafes, can stand out in a competitive market by adding an extra flair to their brand with our merchandise.

Charities and non-profits can elevate their cause through engaging promotional products, leaving a lasting, positive impression at events like charity walks and fundraisers. Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly water bottles, perfect for businesses and causes advocating for a greener planet.

Businesses focusing on employee engagement and team-building events can enhance their activities with our frisbees and outdoor-friendly products. And for nightlife and entertainment venues, our vibrant sunglasses and cocktail stirrers amplify the party atmosphere, ensuring unforgettable experiences.

Inject life into your promotions, and let the fun begin! Explore our catalogue and start turning ordinary events into extraordinary memories.

Fun Promotional Products FAQs

What Are Some Good Fun Promotional Products?

Fun promotional products are designed to catch your audience’s attention and to encourage interaction. To this end, you should choose products that will either be used or that will make your recipient smile. We recommend tactile products such as yoyos, sunglasses, frisbees and water bottles for many clients, as these products provide endless utility. Catering businesses may prefer promotional cocktail sticks or coasters as these align with their service offering.

Are Fun Promotional Products High Quality?

All of our products are of the highest possible quality standards, featuring your choice of colour scheme, logo, text or image. The care and attention that goes into the creation of each product is taken very seriously, to create a promotional product that customers will enjoy using. Free samples of previous work are available on request to allay any quality concerns and aid your purchasing decision.