Promotional Products for Charities

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Throughout the year we work with charities and not-for-profit organisations to provide promotional products that help increase awareness of worthy causes and raise funds. Items can be gifted or sold, and our competitive pricing makes this possible.

Our products are fully customisable to incorporate charity colours, artwork and promotional messages. There is no charge for design set up. We use high quality raw materials and stringent manufacturing processes to ensure that the end products are durable and fit for purpose.

Our wearable products, such as silicone wristbands, are particularly popular as their fun designs encourage repeated wearing which increases exposure. Colours often become synonymous with charities or causes and we can match your specific tone using Pantone colours or colour mixes.

As well as charities, individuals also purchase our products to raise awareness. For example, to support an organisation that has helped them in some way, or to hand out/sell to support an event such a fun run or marathon. Our promotional merchandise is competitively priced which makes this an affordable option for individuals. We also offer low minimum order quantities.

We offer a wide range of promo products in this category, including fridge magnets, pens, wristbands (silicone and fabric), hand waving flags, sweatbands and practical everyday items such as trolley tokens and travel card holders.

If you’re looking for promotional products for charities or to raise awareness of a cause, speak to Carrie about the options. She can be contacted on 01524 230 300 or at We offer free delivery to one UK mainland location for orders over £50.


What Are Some Great Products for Charities?

We have a wide array of great products for charities to consider. Wristbands serve as both a symbol of support and a promotional tool. Custom badges provide a professional touch for events. Water bottles with the charity’s logo promote sustainability and hydration. Coasters make for practical giveaways, combining functionality with brand visibility. The options are diverse, allowing charities to choose products that align with their mission, engage supporters, and effectively convey their cause to a broader audience.

Why Buy Promotional Products for Charities

Investing in promotional products for charities delivers many benefits. These items serve as tangible expressions of appreciation, creating a sense of belonging among supporters. Branded merchandise also acts as a walking advertisement, expanding the charity’s reach and attracting new donors. Additionally, when aligned with the charity’s mission, these products effectively communicate its cause, increasing awareness. By distributing promotional items, charities can build a strong community, boost fundraising efforts and create a lasting impact, ensuring continued support for their noble endeavours.