5 Unique Ways You Can Promote Your Business in 2024

20th March 2024

When your competition is focusing on their digital marketing efforts, you can stand out from the crowd simply by being different and pursuing a more traditional marketing strategy. In this post, we explore five unique ways in which you can promote your business this year without needing to invest in multimedia advertising or learning to code.

1. Direct Mail.

With energy companies, banks and even Premium Bonds encouraging their customers to go paper-free, choosing to issue your marketing directly to your target audience’s doormat will certainly attract their attention. Make sure that doing so does not harm your environmental credentials and that your packaging is easily recyclable. You could even choose to use paper which is impregnated with flower seeds, so that your customers can plant your advertisement after they have read it.

2. Issue Promotional Products

You could choose to include promotional products within your direct mail campaign as a thank you gift or simply to entice recipients into opening their post to see what is inside. A thoughtfully chosen product bearing your company’s name and logo will be kept and act as a permanent reminder of your business, its products and services. It will enhance brand familiarity and build trust, so that when the customer is ready to make a purchase, yours will be the first business that they think of.

3. Attend Local Events

The easiest way to raise your brand’s profile is to turn up in person to events your target demographic will be at. By having a stall or hosting a seminar or workshop on your specialist subject at these events, you will be able to engage face to face with your target audience, building lasting connections and assuring them of your competence and the quality of your products and services. Not only will these events connect you with the attendees, but they will also generate word of mouth recommendations which will accelerate your market entry.

4. Collaborate With Local Partners

Sponsoring local figures or gaining endorsement from a local influencer will help you appeal to a wider customer base. When you immerse yourself into improving a situation that is dear to your target audience or helping a local hero to succeed in their goals, your customer community will align themselves with your brand and seek ways to support you in your business endeavours, making them essentially a captive audience. Likewise, when a respected local promotes your brand, their supporters will also get behind you.

5. Offer Product Samples

You may choose to include product samples in direct mail drops, or distribute them at local events. You could even include a free sample basket at the checkout if you own a physical shop in a high traffic area. Make sure that you alert potential customers to the presence of these free samples and ensure that they are high quality and adequately represent your brand. Customers love getting products for free and are more likely to return if the product has delivered against or exceeded their expectations. They are also likely to tell their friends, generating word of mouth recommendations and increasing visitor footfall.

Choosing Appropriate Promotional Products

Should you decide that promoting your brand by issuing personalised merchandise is your preferred route, make sure that you select items that will be well received and that align well with your business’ sector and ethos.

Choose products that customers will use regularly, such as pens, or trolley tokens, as this regular handling of the product is what generates brand familiarity. Fridge magnets and coasters are useful, but although a physical presence within the home, are less likely to be handled on a regular basis and so can begin to blend into the home’s decor.

If you decide to host a workshop or participate in a local event, wristbands and lanyards are a useful and popular way of reminding your audience of who you are and how you can be contacted. Issuing them on entry means that customers will not need to seek you out as they leave and can instead continue their day, already bearing a product which will act as a lasting reminder of your performance.

Always ensure that you personalise your products wisely. Don’t go overboard; stick to your usual colour scheme and font style and include only necessary information, such as your business name and contact number. Too much information can dissuade a customer from using the product, which both misses the point of issuing it and creates unnecessary landfill waste.

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