Everything Your Store Needs for the Women’s World Cup

11th May 2023

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is just a few weeks away, and businesses planning to offer promotional merchandise in their stores should start stocking up now. Following the startling success of the Lionesses in last year’s UEFA Women’s Championship, all eyes will be on them in the hopes that they will repeat this success and carry the pride of the nation for another year.

Dates for the Diary

The Women’s World Cup will be co-hosted this year by Australia and New Zealand, with games played in both countries between the 20th July and the 20th August. The Lionesses’ first game will be against Haiti on Sunday 22nd July in Brisbane. To progress past the group matches to the next round, they will need to not only defeat Haiti but also Denmark and China on the 28th July and 1st August respectively.

These dates give a clear indication as to when stock is likely to be required in order to meet the demands of the UK public as they show their support for our wonderful ladies’ football team.

Women’s World Cup Essentials

1. Flags.

Always popular, we offer a wide selection of flags that are ideally suited to showing support at sporting events of this magnitude. Made of sturdy polyethene or polyester and printed on one side with a mirror image on the opposite side, our Union Jack and St George Cross flags are available in a wide range of sizes.

The smallest flags are hand waving flags which are available in three sizes, the smallest being 10cm x15cm, then 20cm x 30cm, while the largest measures 30cm x 45cm. Our range of car flags also measure in at 30cm x 45cm and are designed to be mounted on a vehicle side window.

For those who really want to make an impression, our large flags, which measure 3 feet by 5 feet, are perfect for displaying on the side of a house.

All of our flags can be further customised with a date, logo or other text to suit the needs of your business and its customers.

2. Bunting.

Brits love bunting. It is a widely reported fact! Lidl recently stated that its UK stores sold enough bunting in the run-up to King Charles’ coronation to line the procession route 75 times! If you have run out of bunting or haven’t stocked any yet, we recommend ordering now, as customers buying bunting for FIFA’s Women’s World Cup are likely to be a different audience to the people who purchased it in preparation for the coronation celebrations.

3. Pens.

Pens are a highly versatile promotional product that are suitable for every occasion, including the Women’s World Cup. Customers will be keen to record key fixture dates on their calendars in the run up to the event, while others may be tempted to have a little flutter on the matches. And, of course, they will need a pen to record their bets!

Our push-button pens have a comfortable padded grip and a large printable area that is ideal for promoting your business or providing customers with the dates that they are interested in – England vs Haiti, England vs Denmark and England vs China.

4. Fridge Magnets.

Fridge magnets are ideally suited to companies wishing to link sell or who aim to capitalise on that empty space alongside the till. They are a cost effective product that can be customised with your choice of shape, colour scheme, image and text. Customise them with the England flag and the dates of the Lionesses’ fixtures, and they are sure to fly off the shelves.

5. Trolley Tokens.

As with fridge magnets, trolley tokens can be placed at the till side or posted to customers in a direct mail drop. Being small and lightweight, they are a low cost method of promoting your business and will be appreciated by those customers making an unplanned supermarket dash to top up their supplies for an evening cheering on our team on the TV.

Hopefully, this post has provided some useful ideas for stocking your store with World Cup essentials. If you wish to discuss your order or see samples of our previous work, please contact us today.


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