Fabric Wristbands

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Fabric wristbands are a very popular, wearable give-away for your event or business promotion. They have become much-loved by festival goers in recent times, and have also been embraced by organisers of concerts, gigs and entertainment events, where they can even be used in place of tickets. Recipients really love them and they are worn proudly to show that they are part of a certain event, a supporter of a favourite charity or a fan of a particular band or artist. They even play a part in more personal events, such as weddings and hen parties. Whatever the occasion, research shows that wearers like to keep these wristbands long after the event as a souvenir or memento.

Our personalised fabric wristbands can be fully customised by either printing or embroidering your logo, message, artwork or other design onto the band. Woven bands are manufactured in a hard-wearing poly material and printed bands are based on a satin fabric. A choice of lengths are available for a standard 15mm wide band and a wide range of Pantone colours can be chosen for both the base colour and the personalised design.

Standard wristbands can be finished with a metal or plastic clip, with the metal option using a closing / crimping tool to secure the band. Reusable fabric wristbands are also a fantastic option to consider for your business promotion or event. They have plastic closures which allow for repeated use and have become very popular with schools and colleges, festivals, bands, charities and fund-raising organisations.

Again, these personalised fabric wristbands can be fully customised with your design or artwork in a choice of colours, either printed or woven into the band. The 100% polyester fabric in either a tubular or flat structure ensures that your product is strong and hard-wearing so it can be worn again and again, giving your message or brand maximum exposure. The endless possibilities for attractive, eye-catching colours and cool designs are proving popular with people of all ages.

Fabric Wristbands FAQs

How Can You Customise a Fabric Wristband?

Fabric wristbands can be customised in many ways. First, you can select your preferred length, decide how you would like it to fasten, and choose whether you would like it printed or embroidered. Once you have made these decisions, you can choose the fabric colour, text colour, size, style and wording. You can add a small picture or logo or even a hashtag. It really is up to you how you personalise your fabric wristband. The options are almost limitless.

What Can Fabric Wristbands Be Used For?

Fabric wristbands can be used for music lovers to demonstrate their love of a particular genre, musician or band. They can be used at weddings and parties to identify guests and help events personnel to direct visitors to the right location. They can be used by businesses or charities to identify their workers or issued to customers as a token of appreciation.