Promotional Water Bottles

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Our custom water bottles are a fun and colourful way to promote your school, club or business. They can be customised with your choice of colours, artwork and message. Lightweight and easy to carry, our foldable bottles are convenient to use and easy to store as they fold flat and fit nicely in a bag or lunchbox. Easy to unfold and refill, these bottles are ideal for use in the gym, at sporting events, in the office or at school. Each custom water bottle comes complete with a clip so it can be attached to a belt loop or a bag. They are easy to transport, making them an ideal custom product for trade shows, events and all forms of on-the-go promotional marketing.

Promotional water bottles are perfect for a range of businesses. Colleges and universities sell them in campus shops and sports clubs stock them so their customers can bring their own drinks. Charities use them to increase the exposure of their causes and to promote their work. The bright colours and designs make them particularly popular with younger customers. Available in white, black, pink, blue, yellow, green and orange, with full colour printing available, your personalised water bottle is certain to stand out and be noticed.

A reusable water bottle ensures repeat brand exposure and is also good for the environment. By offering this as a promotional gift, you are helping prospective customers to be more environmentally responsible as well as saving them money and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. Giving promotional water bottles shows your commitment to being green and demonstrates your engagement with environmental issues.

The best advantage of personalised water bottles is the positive brand exposure they provide. Every time someone uses their bottle, your brand and logo will be on display and will capture the attention of potential new customers.