How Our Promotional Products Can Raise Money for Charities

12th February 2024

In business, it has long been understood that you need to spend money to make money. For not-for-profit organisations such as charities, it can be hard to justify spending money when every little raised could make a dramatic difference to the outcome of the charity’s goals and objectives.

However, as in business, it is essential to consider the bigger picture and take a strategic view of managing expenditure. Achieving value for money and a sound return on investment is absolutely possible when charities invest in promotional products that raise their visibility, expand their reach and increase supporter loyalty.

The Best Charity Promotional Products

There are three main ways in which charities can benefit from investing in promotional products. The first is in creating a strong brand image which builds supporter confidence and allows its staff and volunteers to clearly articulate their connection to your charity. The second is by offering promotional products as thanks to supporters who have made a donation to your cause. The third is to align your charity with a business or influencer who shares your vision.

1. Brand image.

The importance of a consistent brand image cannot be understated. When you use the same colour scheme, logo and font style in all of your communications and engagements, the public begins to recognise and understand who your charity is, its purpose and its goals. They develop trust in what you wish to achieve and are more likely to support you in your endeavours.

Equipping your staff and volunteers with branded lanyards or wristbands immediately identifies them as belonging to your organisation so when they ask potential customers to make a donation or to consider supporting you in your fundraising efforts, they will be less inclined to dismiss them.

2. Tokens of appreciation.

It is vitally important that the people that contribute to your charity’s fundraising efforts realise that their contributions are valued. You may choose to write to them and thank them, honour them in your social media feed or newsletter, or you could supply them with a physical token of appreciation.

Charity promotional products such as pens, trolley tokens and fridge magnets are very cost-effective to purchase in bulk, clearly display your charity’s logo and contact details, and when sent to supporters as a thank you gift, can increase loyalty as well as creating a tangible presence within that supporter’s life which may inspire them to further fundraising efforts or donations in the future.

3. Targeted third-party alignment.

Raising the profile of your charity can seem challenging, especially if you are operating in a niche or over-crowded sector. If you feel as though your message is getting lost, you could engage the services of a marketing professional to help you to break through the noise and get your message out to your target audience, or you could proactively seek out a high profile business or organisation that shares your vision and align yourself with them.

When you identify a business or influencer who is willing to partner with your charity, you can benefit from heightened consumer exposure. You may choose to issue promotional products which bear both your logo and theirs, or provide your chosen influencer with promotional material, such as branded Oyster cards to showcase in their online marketing.

In some instances, forming such an alliance with a business can amplify their commitment to social responsibility as well as increase fundraising for your charity. Customers are drawn to businesses with strong social values, so a partnership with an appropriate business can represent a solid investment for them as well as for you.

In conclusion, promotional products offer charities a variety of ways in which to raise money and increase their profile and visibility. By selecting the products that are most suitable for their intended purpose and ensuring value for money, it is possible to make targeted investments that deliver an increased and long-term revenue.

To find out more or to discuss your charity’s aims and objectives, please contact Lancaster Printing today. Our experienced team will be delighted to help your charity to elevate its brand exposure, create lasting connections with its supporters and enjoy a brighter and more profitable future.

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