Custom and Personalised Badges

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At Lancaster Printing, we believe in the power of personalised custom badges to elevate your business, showcase your products, and champion your cause. Our range of badges provides a fun low-cost solution for organisations across various sectors, including schools, healthcare facilities, and not-for-profit organisations.

Our personalised badge portfolio

We take pride in offering a diverse array of personalised badges tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking for button badges, PVC rubber badges, enamel badges or printed metal badges, we have you covered. Each badge can be fully customised with your choice of colour, artwork and logo, ensuring it resonates perfectly with your brand identity.

Button badges – a hit among the trendsetters

Our ever-popular button badges are a vibrant and eye-catching solution, making them the perfect choice for engaging with young markets. Festival organisers, artists, musicians and organisations in the arts and entertainment industry keep coming back for more, while the low price point and minimal order quantities make them an attractive option for small businesses and freelance designers.

PVC/rubber badges – rewarding excellence, motivating students

Our PVC/rubber badges, cut to shape and highly tactile, find frequent use in schools to reward and motivate students or to identify staff members. These badges are a tangible way to celebrate achievements and foster a positive learning environment. Enamel and printed metal badges – a mark of distinction

Clubs and groups often opt for our enamel and printed metal badges, also known as lapel badges. These durable and hardwearing badges are perfect for identifying members, visitors and helpers, adding a touch of distinction to your organisation.

At Lancaster Printing, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, swift delivery, and the ability to source specific badges for your unique needs. Promote your brand, celebrate achievements and make a lasting impression with our personalised badges.

Custom Badges FAQs

What Badges Are Available?

We love badges – they are a product that delivers information in a quick, visual manner. They can be understated or loud, bright or muted, and when you choose Lancaster Printing to deliver your badges, they will be created to your exact requirements. Enamel lapel badges are popular with schools and colleges who want to identify prefects and other students of note. Button and rubber badges are perfect for promoting your next event, while metal badges are durable and hardwearing.

How Can Our Badges Be Customised?

Our range of badges can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Choose the size, shape, and material then choose the colour scheme, add a logo, text and change up the font style. The end result will be a badge that is as unique as your organisation, that will deliver your message in an eye-catching, memorable, cost-effective and fun way.