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about us

About Lancaster Printing – Providers of Printed Promotional Products

Welcome to Lancaster Printing. We are a small family run company providing the highest quality promotional products to businesses and organisations in the UK. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and on our exceptional customer care. It is this level of service and attention to detail that ensures businesses return to us time and again.

Lancaster Printing is run by Carrie Parkinson. Carrie has an educational background in printing, graphics and design and has worked in the industry for 15 years both in the UK and in the US.

What We Do

Put simply, we provide printed promotional products to a variety of businesses. Products include everything from silicone wristbands, hand waving and car flags, to car air fresheners, trolley coins and other items. Using our significant industry knowledge we source the best quality products that are functional, durable and beautifully designed. We advise on everything from materials and colour choice to personalisation and bespoke printing.

In addition we provide second-to-none customer service. We are a well-trained, enthusiastic, and caring team of graphic arts professionals and we thrive on exceeding client expectations.

A Day in the Life of Carrie Parkinson

Working at Lancaster Printing in Carrie’s own words.

I set my alarm clock for 6:30am each morning. I don’t like to rush and so get up straight away. The first thing I do is to check my emails to get an idea of what has come in overnight. We receive orders 24 hours a day through the website. I then shower, make the bed and browse the online newspapers.

I’m lucky in that my commute is a ten-minute drive through the countryside. I never get tired of my surroundings. I live and work in a beautiful, rural area. Breakfast is eaten at my desk and I grab a coffee on route while listening to Kiss FM. The first of many.

The first thing I do when I arrive at the office is to boot up the computers and check my voicemails. Mornings are usually busy. I prepare quotations, answer enquiries and track shipments. At some point during the morning our orders arrive via courier, which need to be checked and sorted. Producing quality products and providing exceptional customer service has always been at the forefront of Lancaster Printing. Therefore, all of our orders are hand checked before being despatched.

The rest of the morning is spent dealing with orders and telephone enquiries, preparing order and shipping documentation and booking shipments with the courier company.

I don’t usually have time to take a full lunch break and so lunch usually consists of soup at my desk. I quite like being busy and I like the fact that each day brings something different. I work with a variety of businesses and organisations and it’s always interesting to see the creative ways in which they use our products.

The afternoons at Lancaster Printing are similar to the mornings. The main focus is on processing orders and ensuring that client deadlines are met.

I usually finish around 5:00, pack up and drive home again. But the working day is still not finished as I check emails throughout the evening and catch up on anything I didn’t complete during the day. When I’m not working I eat out with friends or go for a coffee. I also like to keep fit. I’m not much of a gym person and so I bought a treadmill a while ago. I try to run at least once a day, usually in the evenings.

Because of the early starts I try to get to bed at a reasonable time, usually around 10:30 to 11:00. And then I get up the next day and do it all again.

There’s not a lot I would change regarding work. I love the industry and I get to work with lots of inspiring and creative people. It would be great to have a little more time to myself but I can’t complain.

Our Promise To You

  • Our reputation is everything. We will provide you with the best quality products at competitive prices and exceptional customer service.
  • We offer an efficient and speedy turnaround with clear deadlines.
  • We are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable and will provide you with help and advice throughout the process.
  • All of our projects are carefully quoted and there are no hidden costs.
  • Our orders are inspected carefully to ensure a high level of quality at all times.