Wristbands for Parties and Seasonal Events

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Whether you looking for a fun promotional item to spread the word about your cause or company, or you are after a ticketing system for your next big event, our range of party wristbands can be fully customised to meet your needs and help make your occasion a success. Our event wristbands are available in a variety of styles and materials and can be personalised with your message and logo using our simple step-by-step customisable process.

Our printed silicone bands are an ideal choice for promoting your company, charity or cause. Made from durable silicone rubber, these bands come in a number of sizes and the option to have your text digitally printed using eco-friendly inks or alternatively embossed, debossed or embossed with infill. We also offer glow-in-the-dark silicone party wristbands, the perfect choice for night-time events, clubs and festivals. If you are after an option that comes with an adjustable fit, then our silicone snap bands offer fun and flexibility. With just a gentle tap, the band closes around the wrist and one product will fit both children and adults.

For customers seeking a product that will function as an effective alternative to a non-transferable ticket, we recommend our paper Tyvek ® Wristbands. A unique material that appears paper-like but is strong, waterproof, durable and highly-resistant to stretching and tearing, these wristbands cannot be removed without tampering or breaking the seal, meaning that they are ideal as proof of entry. A range of available colour options allows you to categorise your guests and allow for easy identification of different groups of attendees, such as VIPs or day tickets. Choose from our plain Tyvek wristbands with a choice of over fifteen different colours or select customisation and have the text of your choice printed on the bands.

Wristbands are a practical and convenient alternative to standard paper tickets, allowing your event to run more smoothly, whilst bringing a sense of colourful fun too!

FAQs for Wristbands for Parties and Seasonal Events

How Can Our Party Wristbands Be Personalised?

Party wristbands can be personalised with your choice of colour, font style, text and even a small picture. You can design your wristbands to be as unique as your event, print the event date on them and even add a personalised hashtag so that everyone can share their photos on social media for all attendees to enjoy.

Why Should I get Custom Wristbands for a Party?

Custom wristbands make your party an exclusive event. They make your guests feel like VIPs and they serve as a lasting reminder of a great party. You can personalise them with the event date, name or hashtag to make sure your guests never forget the fantastic time that they had at your party. Really, the question should be, why wouldn’t you get custom wristbands for a party?