Promotional Products for Gyms and Sports Clubs

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In the health and fitness industry, your customer is your best advertisement, and there is no better way of building awareness than having your customers promote your brand themselves. Handing out promotional items to customers and staff increases brand recognition, in some cases in high-traffic public areas, resulting in an incredible level of exposure for minimal marketing spend.

Promotional, fully customisable products boost awareness of gyms, fitness centres, health and wellness facilities and a wide range of businesses within the fitness industry. Branded products have been proven to engender loyalty and are positively received. Most importantly, the recipient will almost invariably use them repeatedly when they have a clear purpose.

Wristbands and headbands make for an excellent backdrop to your logo or design, as well as being functional and useful for customers visiting your gym, a sporting event, or a fitness class. Drawstring bags not only provide customers with a useful place to store their gym or sporting essentials, but also provide a larger surface area for printing so that your customisation can be larger and bolder.

Printed lanyards are an excellent addition to your staff uniform, making your team easy to identify and further adding visibility for your branding.

Promotional products are also an ideal way of promoting charity work, special events, and any sponsorships in which you may be investing. They are a highly cost-effective way of advertising, with promotional products available to order in bulk, at a low cost per unit. Please explore our full range for inspiration and a range of options and don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information and advice.

Providing high-quality promotional gym products emblazoned with your brand name, logo, or design is a great way to drive new business. Our products are available in standout Pantone colours, with printed, debossed, or embroidered details, for maximum impact and visibility.

All promotional gym products from Lancaster printing are available with free samples, quick turnaround time, fast delivery and are made from the highest quality materials.

Promotional Products for Gyms & Sports Clubs FAQs

Are Promotional Products Good for Gyms?

Promotional products offer many benefits to gyms. They increase brand loyalty, improve brand exposure and satisfy a genuine need in customers’ day to day lives. Offering your customers small tokens of your appreciation that also provide a health benefit, such as water bottles and sweat bands, helps them to feel valued and part of your gym’s community. This means that customers are more inclined to promote your gym to friends, family and acquaintances, increasing membership figures and expanding your reach.

How Can Promotional Products Help My Gym?

Gyms need their clients to promote them in their everyday lives, increasing foot traffic and building brand awareness. Lancaster Printing can help your gym to increase its membership figures through the use of promotional products that bear your colour scheme, logo and contact details. Products such as water bottles, sunglasses and sweat bands will be used regularly in your customers’ day to day lives, and when these products advertise your business, your customers soon build awareness of your existence.