Custom Promotional Products

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Lancaster Printing supplies custom promotional products to a range of businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

With over 15 years in the industry we pride ourselves on sourcing the best products, made from the highest quality raw materials. Our industry and design knowledge are second to none and we provide exceptional customer service. If there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find on our website, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 ( and let us source it for you. Over the years we have built up good relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. Our high-volume orders and repeat business allow us to keep manufacturing costs low, a saving that is passed onto our customers.

In a predominantly digital world where content and marketing are often delivered in a remote environment, custom promotional products allow organisations to connect with their end users in a physical and creative way. Physical products are less likely to be ignored than digital items or even other promotional products such as leaflets and brochures. Research has shown that customers who receive a gift are less likely to throw them away.

Creativity also plays and important role, which is why our products can be customised by colour and with the addition of logos, artwork and messages. The repeat nature of many of our items such as wearable products and everyday items, assists brand awareness and furthers reach.

Browse our online catalogue and order online. Artwork can be quickly uploaded. Just follow the prompts and contact us if you have any queries. We offer a fast, efficient turnaround time and shipping is free for many items to one UK mainland location, when you spend over £50.