Tyvek ® Wristbands

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Select our custom Tyvek ® wristbands for your next event. They make a great alternative to paper tickets, which can be lost or inadvertently thrown away. These are are high quality, security wristbands that cannot be removed without breaking the seal. They are strong, waterproof and practically indestructible. They can even be worn in the pool.

In addition to providing secure access information, paper wristbands increase visitor management efficiency. It’s much quicker to display a wristband than it is to locate a ticket in a handbag or pocket. Therefore, they reduce queuing times, providing an improved customer experience.

Our Tyvek ® wristbands also serve as an advertising tool. They can be customised with your choice of colour and your printed logo or text. End users often keep them as a memento of the event.

These functional and attractive bands are popular with a range of organisations, including event planners and artists/performers. They are popular throughout the year, and we receive lots of repeat orders during festival season. Our customers tell us that they order them for five reasons. They are colourful and creative, therefore appealing to a wide audience (and particularly young people). They reduce entry times and queuing. They are secure and cannot be removed without tearing, and they provide a memento of events and special occasions.

Choose plain or custom printed bands, depending on your event and requirements. For additional security Tyvek wristbands can be printed complete with tear-off redemption tags.

We offer fast turnaround times on our Tyvek ® wristbands, and free delivery to one mainland location for orders over £50. We offer a competitive pricing structure which is determined by volume. Contact Carrie now at sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk in case of query or to discuss your requirements in more detail. Or reach us by telephone on 01524 230 300. Alternatively request a quotation via the website by completing our online form.

Tyvek ®  Wristbands FAQs

What Are Tyvek ® Wristbands?

Tyvek ® wristbands are made from a high quality and durable material which is as lightweight and flexible as paper but much stronger. It is designed to attach firmly to the wearer’s wrist and cannot be removed without breaking the seal. It is a tamper-proof alternative to silicone or fabric wristbands which can be easily removed, dropped or misappropriated. They are specifically designed to aid security and crowd control at large events such as festivals and sports matches.

What Are the Benefits of a Tyvek ® Wristband?

Tyvek ® wristbands are tamper-proof, waterproof and practically indestructible. They can be personalised in a wide variety of ways. They are ideally suited to events where admissions must be strictly monitored as they can be issued with a sequentially numbered tear-off redemption tag which allows admitted guests to be easily checked off against stubs in the event of an emergency evacuation. They aid crowd control, prevent gatecrashers from spoiling an event and simplify access for authorised visitors.