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31st October 2023

In a challenging economic climate, businesses need to work hard to stay ahead, to grow their market share, to increase their visibility and to expand their customer base. Business advertising is essential to attract the attention of new customers and to remain in the thoughts of existing ones, but in this modern world, seemingly dominated by the internet, vlogging and reels, how can a traditional business succeed?

Whilst joining in the online hype is important in order to remain competitive, it is important to remember that not all customers are online, and that many quickly become frustrated by being constantly bombarded by adverts and zone out when they appear irrelevant, uninteresting or repetitive.

At Lancaster Printing, we know that the impact of a physical product can inspire these customers, appeal to their sense of fun and pique their curiosity. We are here to help you to attract and retain this target audience.

Our Ethos

We believe that every business is as individual as the people they employ and the products and services that they offer. For this reason, our comprehensive range of promotional merchandise is endlessly customisable, affordably priced and of the highest quality.

Our aim is to help your business to achieve its ambitions, be this growing its customer base or improving its end of year financial position. When you partner with Lancaster Printing, your business advertising becomes physical rather than digital.

We will help you to create memorable and lasting connections with your customers and clients, complementing your digital marketing strategies and enhancing the user experience.

Our Products

Our products are designed to satisfy the most demanding of requirements. Whether you are seeking to promote your business with targeted freebies, to include a free gift within each order, or to distribute a tangible item at networking events, we can offer the best product to suit your needs.

Our range of lanyards is chosen by many businesses, educational facilities and charities to differentiate between staff and visitors, levels of access permissions or simply to display identification cards. They are available in a variety of colours, all with quick release clasps as standard to maintain the highest safety standards, and customisable with your choice of text, logos and images.

We offer a comprehensive range of wristbands, which are very popular with charities who use them to spread their message, coordinating the colour schemes with their digital marketing efforts to maintain cohesion, as well as with events organisers who enjoy the ability to heighten security and maximise revenue.

Our pen range is very popular with businesses wishing to raise their profile at networking events or to include within customer orders as a freebie. This low-cost product can be customised to bear your business name, logo and even a telephone number or website address, directing customers to your business every time that they use it.

Sporting businesses such as gyms and personal trainers are often attracted to our range of sweat bands, drawstring bags, water bottles and flags. Whether to entice customers as an introductory offer or to encourage engagement at sporting events, each product can be customised to deliver the impact that the business is seeking.

Pubs and clubs can likewise capitalise on the mischievous personality of their clientele, providing coasters as freebies and drawing in the crowd with large flags and bunting. By heightening the atmosphere of their venue, they can quickly increase their popularity and profitability.

We stock a range of small items such as trolley tokens, air fresheners, badges, magnets and window stickers, which can again be customised to suit the needs of the distributing business. These can link very effectively to digital marketing campaigns through the use of hashtags or QR codes or act as standalone promotional products bearing a simple company logo or brand name.

We Are Here to Help

We know that our vast array of products can seem overwhelming, so we are here to help you. As a family business, we pride ourselves on always delivering the personal touch, so when you contact Lancaster Printing to discuss your business advertising needs, we will get to know you at a detailed level, understand your target audience, your existing promotions and your future plans.

We can discuss the effectiveness of different strategies and provide you with examples of our previous work to help you to decide which products and finishes will best satisfy your needs. Our knowledge and experience is unrivalled, and we are excited to share this, and our products, with you. Please contact us today to find out more about how our products can help your business to thrive.

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