How to Prepare for the Coronation of King Charles

3rd April 2023

As the clocks rolled forward by an hour into British Summer Time, we realised that the coronation of King Charles is a little over a month away. As with the changing of the clocks, the newly revealed coronation emblem is another hint of spring, depicting the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland, all set around the St. Edward’s Crown. This delightful emblem feels celebratory, reflecting on new life, new starts and the optimism associated with our new monarch officially taking on his role.

What Is Happening?

Saturday 6 May 2023

The official King Charles coronation will be held on the 6th May 2023. The King is said to have made some significant alterations to the previous order of ceremony in order for it to be more representative of the monarch’s role today, whilst looking forwards towards the future.

There will still be plenty of pageantry and traditions demonstrated, with the coronation of the King involving the St Edward’s Crown. This mighty piece weighs 2.23kg, has a solid gold frame and is inset with 444 rubies, sapphires, amethysts, garnet, topaz and tourmaline. It will be placed upon the head of King Charles II by the Archbishop of Canterbury during the ceremony but will be replaced with the Imperial State Crown before the King leaves the Abbey.

The Queen Consort Camilla will also be crowned during the ceremony, receiving the Queen Mary’s crown. The decision has been made to reuse an existing crown in the interests of efficiency and sustainability.

Sunday 7 May 2023

The Coronation Big Lunch will replace the traditional Big Lunch, and all around the country, people are being encouraged to plan their own events with the aim of uniting neighbourhoods and communities in celebration of the coronation. For those seeking inspiration, the Eden Project Communities have packs and guidance to help with the planning and execution of such events.

Windsor Castle will host a special coronation concert which will be broadcast across the UK by the BBC. A public ballot will be used to distribute several thousand tickets to lucky members of the public who will be able to attend in person.

During the concert, a segment called “Lighting Up The Nation” will see iconic locations around the country lit up using illuminations, drone displays, projections or lasers. For those who are close to a chosen location, this event is sure to be spectacular.

Monday 8 May 2023

Monday, the 8th May 2023, has been declared a Bank Holiday and for some, this will be taken as an opportunity to rest up after a busy weekend. For those who still want more, the Big Help Out Event is being promoted as an opportunity to continue the community spirit by volunteering with local charities and events to support local areas and causes.


As with all events that involve the Royal Family, England flags will be prominently displayed around the country in the run up to and during the events. Whether you choose to stock flags featuring the St George Cross, the Union Jack or elect to customise your flags with the Coronation Emblem, flags are the ultimate promotional product to be stocked by any business.

Street parties invariably involve bunting so if England flags don’t fill the shelves, this is a great alternative. Our 6 metre long Union Jack bunting is made from polythene so it is lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As sustainability and efficiency are key values for the coronation, investing in high quality products that will stand the test of time will be in keeping with the event. Choose pens, magnets and water bottles for their reuse properties. Not only will these products remain useful beyond the coronation, but they will also act as a lasting memento of this historically significant event.


The coronation of King Charles II offers a full weekend of fun-packed activities and festivities, with the hope of engendering community spirit that will last over the longer term. For your business to be a part of this event, you will need to plan early and stock the promotional products that are best suited to the ethos of the occasion, as well as the timetable of events.

For help in customising your offering, please get in touch with our helpful team today. We look forward to helping you prepare a package of customised products that are ideal for this prestigious occasion.

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