Everything Your Business Needs for the Rugby World Cup

8th August 2023

Those four years have rolled around quickly, haven’t they? It feels like just yesterday that South Africa lifted the World Cup trophy, but now we’re ramping up for another go at seizing the title, and hopefully, this year, our men’s rugby team will have the power to dominate the competition.

When Is It Happening?

Hosted by France, the 2023 Rugby World Cup will start on the 8th September and will run until the victorious team complete their final match on the 28th October. This year’s tournament is particularly exciting as it marks 200 years of international rugby, so fans of the game are unlikely to have their mind on anything else for this 7 week period.

There are less than 100 days until this prestigious event kicks off so if you are considering your business promotion needs, you will need to be quick!

Promotional Material

As always, Lancaster Printing has your back. Our range of promotional items is designed to satisfy the most demanding of customers, and with some of the leading quality standards and attention to detail in the industry, when you choose us to supply your promotional material you will not be disappointed.

If any of your customers or employees are planning to travel to France to watch a match live, there are two things that you can offer them. The first is of course, a flag. Whether they select a large flag which can double as an extra layer in a chilly stadium, or a rather more conservative hand waving flag, our choice of high quality and durable flags offer them the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to King and Country.

The second item that you must offer is a wristband. We stock a wide selection of wristbands, ranging from Tyvek paper wristbands, through to the ever-popular silicone wristbands, which are available in a comprehensive selection of colours.

Why wristbands? Well, when travelling overseas as a group or with children, it is important that you remain in contact, especially if parents accidentally become separated from their children. By wearing a wristband that is printed with the telephone number of an emergency contact, or the name of the hotel in which they are staying, the chances of being reunited quickly improve dramatically.

There are so many other popular promotional items in our range that selecting those that are right for your business can feel rather complicated. It needn’t be, however, as our range is easily divided into two separate sections: onward sale and promotion.

1. Onward sale.

If you are looking to stock your shelves with items that are suitable for onward sale, you will want bright, eye-catching items that are customised with the 2023 World Cup logo or the Union Jack. Your customers will want items that will show their affiliation with the event and their support for the British rugby team.

Suitable items include drawstring bags, water bottles, travel card holders and sunglasses. All of these items are endlessly reusable, durable and can safely be taken abroad, making them the perfect choice for those travelling to France this autumn.

2. Promotion.

Promotional items are those products that businesses can distribute to their staff and customers to raise their own profile by building a positive association with a particular event, in this case, the 2023 World Cup. These items should be small and light as they will most likely be distributed at networking events or sent by post.

Suitable items in our range include pens and, fridge magnets, These items are ideally suited to being distributed in a promotional mail drop or being made available on a help-yourself basis at a conference or other professional event. All items can be customised with your business logo, the Union Jack flag or world cup logo, dates of particular matches or a catchphrase of your choice.


Lancaster Printing has everything that your business needs ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. To discuss your specific requirements, see samples of our previous work or seek advice on the most appropriate products for your individual circumstances, please contact our team today. We look forward to helping you to promote your business and celebrating the World Cup in style.

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