What Events Can Our Custom Lanyards be Useful For?

11th April 2024

We are living in an increasingly security-conscious world and lanyards are a proven and effective way in which event attendees can be identified and their access controlled simply and efficiently. Lanyards are worn around your neck and can be personalised in a number of ways which makes them invaluable for a range of different events.

1. Music Festivals and Concerts.

Custom lanyards are ideally suited to businesses that host music festivals and concerts as they can enhance security and foster a sense of inclusiveness amongst the music-lovers who attend. They can help event staff to identify attendees and deter gatecrashers, as event passes or credentials can be printed on cards attached to the lanyard. Many entrance passes now use RFID technology to streamline entry control and improve evacuation procedures.

Attendees can also remove lanyards from the site after the event, serving as a lasting memento of the occasion.

2. Trade Shows.

Exhibitors at trade shows can use custom lanyards to identify their staff and volunteers, showcase their logos and increase their exposure amongst other industry professionals. Meanwhile, attendees can be issued with lanyards fitted with identification badges and bearing printed access control permissions to simplify registration and constrain and monitor their whereabouts within the trade show, improving security and implementing appropriate safeguards in the event of an evacuation.

3. Conferences and Corporate Events.

Custom lanyards are a powerful branding tool for businesses that are exhibiting at conferences, seminars and other corporate events. They allow firms to enhance brand awareness amongst the event’s attendees and can facilitate networking by providing easy access to contact information for further discussion or follow-up.

4. Sporting Events

Lanyards allow athletes to display their race numbers, team affiliations or access credentials. However, they are also popular with spectators who can select lanyards in their team colours to demonstrate their loyalty. Sponsors may also issue customised lanyards bearing their logo to enhance their brand visibility.

Lanyards are available in different sizes and in a variety of different materials, making them comfortable to wear, even in challenging conditions. They can even be customised with reflective strips, increasing wearer safety in poor lighting conditions, such as on night runs.

5. Academic Events

Lanyards are popular within educational facilities to identify staff members and visitors and are often issued in different colours to facilitate access controls and security clearance levels. Lanyards are also the first choice of academia when hosting or attending symposiums, academic conventions or even at graduation ceremonies, where they can help to identify attendees, commemorate special events or serve as keepsakes for leavers.

6. Charity Events

Customised lanyards are always popular with charities who rely on them to identify their volunteers and staff members. They can incorporate logos, brand colours and even slogans and hashtags to raise awareness and generate support from participants and onlookers. They can also be issued as free gifts or sold to raise funds, generating profit as well as highlighting the cause.

Why lanyards?

Lanyards offer phenomenal utility beyond the event at which they are issued. They can double as keyrings, allow people to keep USB drives, trolley tokens, pocket torches or other small items on their person and showcase their personal style, values and affiliation. Customised lanyards are, therefore, a practical choice for people in both personal and professional settings.

In conclusion, lanyards offer a versatile solution to individuals and businesses alike and are suited to a wide range of different events and purposes. They can be easily personalised to suit any event or occasion, acting as commemorative memorabilia or serving a purely functional purpose.

When you buy your lanyard from Lancaster Printing, we offer a choice of printed, dye sublimation, tube or woven lanyards, all of which can be personalised with your colour scheme, logo, artwork and text to suit your exact specifications. They are available in a range of sizes and with a choice of fastenings, making your lanyards truly unique to you.

To find out more, to see a sample of our previous work, to order a digital proof or to place an order, please call our team today. We look forward to working with you and helping your business to thrive.

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