The Return of Festivals

9th March 2021

Outdoor Music Festival

As the days gradually become lighter and we move through the roadmap out of lockdown, Brits are dusting off their wellies and looking ahead to June 21st. In anticipation of restrictions being lifted, several organisers have already opened bookings for summer festivals and tickets are selling fast. Already we’re noticing a resurgence in orders for custom festival wristbands from UK organisers.

Our custom fabric festival wristbands are one of our staple products throughout the spring and summer months. They are a firm favourite with festival goers and revellers, who display them proudly long after the event has ended.

The benefits of festival wristbands are numerous, even for smaller events. On a practical level they can be used in place of a ticket. Showing a wristband at different enclosures or performances is much quicker than rifling through pockets and bags to look for a discarded ticket. They help prevent the build-up of queues and ensure that things run smoothly and to time.

Wristbands also create anticipation and a bit of a buzz. They are fun, bright and aesthetically pleasing. We associate them with good times and long summer days. Everyone remembers their first festival, and that sense of excitement when your fabric wristband arrives in the post. It never gets old. Users proudly display their bands across social media, adding to the sense of anticipation and in doing so, promoting the event.

And the buzz doesn’t end when the lights go down and fans make their way home. Many festival goers continue to wear their bands for days or even weeks after the events. They become a memento, something associated with all those heady, happy memories. Collections of festival bands are displayed in collages, made into keychains and sewn into clothes and bags.

Festival Wristbands

In addition to traditional festivals, custom fabric wristbands are also popular at festival themed weddings, hen and stag dos, and other outdoor gigs and events. Their low price point makes them a possibility for small organisations, charities and individuals. They make a cost-effective addition to your marketing plan and increase customer satisfaction, as well as providing a practical ticketing function.

When ordering festival wristbands, you have the option of having your logo or artwork printed or embroidered onto the bands. Each wristband is secured with a metal or plastic clip, depending on your choice. Alternatively, we provide adjustable fasteners. We match any Pantone colour or colour mix. Click here for details.

And it’s not just fabric wristbands that are popular with event organisers. We have a range of promotional products such as silicone wristbands that glow in the dark, custom water bottles, hand waving flags, lanyards, and much more besides.

Pricing is based on volume and shipping is free to one UK mainland location on orders over £50. Ask Carrie for further details by phoning 01524 230 300 or emailing

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