Use of Colour in Marketing and Advertising

10th October 2014

Use of Colour in Advertising and Marketing

All of our work involves colour. Whether we’re creating silicone wristbands, lanyards, trolley coins or car air fresheners, colour is one of the most important elements. We use the Pantone colour chart in our work and most of our products can be matched to a Pantone colour or mix of colours.

We’re often asked about the impact of using this or that colour and so we’ve put together a useful guide by curating some of our favourite articles on the subject. The articles cover colour psychology, marketing, advertising and branding.

Your Brand’s True Colours
What colours say about your brand.

True Colours – Breakdown of Preferences by Gender
Useful infographic based on a 2003 study on colour and gender.

Why is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colours in Marketing
Something as simple as tweaking the colour of an online button can change user behaviour.

How Does Colour Affect Us?
Colour psychology by Pantone Think Tank

True Colours – What Your Brand Colours Say About Your Business
Useful infographic on colour choice in business branding.

How do Colours Affect Purchases
A great deal of purchasing decisions are made through visual cues. Colour is one of the most persuasive.

The Science of Colours in Marketing and Web Design
Colours can affect mood and behaviour. Therefore, when used properly they can be an important tool in marketing.

Packaging Colours
Make the right choices for your packaging.

21 Outstanding Uses of Colour in Branding
Examples of successful brands and their use of colour.

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    […] We’re often asked about the impact of using this or that colour so we collated some useful articles on colour psychology, marketing, advertising and branding. Read about it here. […]

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