Marketing with Silicone Wristbands – What You Need To Know

10th November 2019

Marketing With Silicone Wristbands

Throughout the time we’ve been in business silicone wristbands have consistently been our most popular promotional product. We put this down to several factors; they are inexpensive, versatile, fun, customisable, easy to distribute, wearable (so the end user helps share your marketing message), tactile and aesthetically pleasing.

Over the years we have supplied countless charities and businesses with silicone wristbands as part of their marketing activities. We have built up a strong knowledge base over this time and have put together some of our top tips to help you incorporate wristbands into your own campaigns.

Be Clear About Your Purpose

As with any marketing it is important to have a clear purpose in mind. What is it you’re trying to achieve? Are you trying to raise awareness of a particular service or cause? Is your aim to raise funds through selling the wristbands? Writing down clear objectives will help you make decisions throughout the process. If you’re ever unsure always return to purpose and audience.

Identify Your Audience

Who are the wristbands aimed at? Are you trying to attract a young or teenage market, or do you have a slightly older audience? Is your audience predominantly male or female? Are they businessmen and women or are you aiming at clubbers? Set up a profile of who you’re aiming at. Keep this in mind when you’re making decisions about colour, design, style and message.

A Clear and Consistent Message

What is your message? This covers quite a wide area. For example, subtle messages to convey your identity and ethos can be achieved through the use of colour and font. Other more direct messages can be conveyed through the use of artwork and language. E.g. when launching phone lines, services or products etc.

Be Consistent

When creating your wristbands make sure that they remain consistent with your business, brand or cause. Check colour references carefully, follow logo / artwork guidelines and adhere to your core objectives. It’s fine to branch out and create a new style for a new product etc. However, make sure that you refer to your brand values and of course to your audience.

How do promotional products fit in with your other marketing activities? For example, how do physical products fit in with your online activities? Using landing page links, hashtags and codes helps to bring online and offline marketing tactics together.


Colour is extremely important in visual communications. Certain colours have associations and they say a lot about who you are and what you stand for. It may be that you need to adhere to specific brand colours. However, if you’re starting from scratch take a look at our article on the psychology of colour.


Like colour, there may be specific fonts that you need to use to ensure brand consistency. If not, you need to think carefully about your choice of typeface and what this says about your business or cause. This article offers some good advice.

Request Samples

Wherever possible, request samples. It’s sometimes difficult to tell how everything will fit together in terms of the colour, font and artwork. Request and review samples prior to signing off.

Be Creative

Be creative and have fun. We work with lots of businesses who use wristbands in creative and unexpected ways. This increases their impact and keeps your company or brand in people’s minds.


The raw materials are extremely important in silicone wristbands. Lots of companies use cheap powder-based materials which have ragged edges and quickly become brittle. Lancaster Printing uses 100% silicone rubber. This provides a clean, smooth edge and a finished product that lasts. Our inks are eco-friendly, and we can match to any Pantone colour or colour mix.

Contact Carrie on 01524 230300 or at for further details or to place an order.

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