Unexpected Promo Gifts

26th September 2017

When it comes to marketing it is generally accepted that large organisations have a competitive edge due to their industry influence and massive budgets. It can sometimes be difficult for smaller companies to compete. That said, small businesses have their own advantages. They tend to be more agile, quicker to respond to changing trends, and more flexible. Focusing on this and working to your strengths can be an advantage when it comes to competing in a busy marketplace.

One of the ways we find small businesses often have an advantage is through their creativity and innovation. When budgets are tight it is necessary to find interesting and unexpected ways of marketing.

If someone mentions promotional gifts it’s likely that pens or bags will spring to mind. But there are so many other examples that are interesting, unexpected and that will drive ROI.

Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Fresheners

Our car air fresheners are one of our staples. Popular throughout the year, they work on a multi-sensory level, drawing attention to your brand through sight and scent. They can be fully customised with your branding or artwork and we infuse them with evocative fragrances. They are used by a variety of businesses including taxi firms, car washes, car dealerships and retail companies.

Trolley Tokens

Trolley Tokens

Research indicates that the more useful a promo gift is, the longer it will last. People are much less likely to discard items that are practical and functional. One of our most practical promotional products is the trolley token. Everyone has to shop. Even those who do the bulk of their shopping online still visit the supermarket throughout the month to pick up items they’ve forgotten. And we know how frustrating it can be to arrive at the store and realise you have no pound coins for the trolleys. This is where our customer tokens come in. Small and portable they can stay in your purse, wallet or pocket when not in use. Or we can provide you with a keyring. You can’t accidentally spend them. The next time your customers go shopping, make sure it’s your brand they see. Our trolley tokens can be fully customised with your choice of colours and artwork.

Travel Card Holder

Travel Card Holders

Millions of people in the UK use public transport every day to get them to work or college and back. Most people buy a weekly or monthly travel card or purchase a season ticket. They have to present their tickets at least twice a day. This is where our travel card holders come in. They are practical wallets that hold most travel cards and other bits and bobs such as receipts. Like our other items they can be fully customised with your logo or artwork, putting your name in front of your customers several times a day.

The next time you’re planning your promotional activities don’t go for the obvious choices. Think creatively and strategically. What will grab your customers’ attention? How can you extend your reach? If you need help with deciding which products are right for you, contact Carrie now on 01524 230 300 or at sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk.

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