Customised Trolley Tokens

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Have you ever considered a branded trolley token to promote your charity or business? Our customised trolley tokens are plastic or metal ‘coins’ that can be used to release supermarket trolleys in place of pound coins. These handy and attractive items make great giveaways and are a well-received and popular choice to advertise your brand or charity event. A plastic trolley token can be fully customised with your printed message or logo in up to four colours. Metal trolley tokens can be engraved and infilled with a colour. All our trolley tokens can be fitted to detachable keyrings to get your message out and about with your customers every day.

We have all arrived at the supermarket only to be frustrated when it dawns on us that we have forgotten a pound coin for the trolley. Your customers will recognise how useful your gift is and many will start using it right away. Recent research from BPMA found that 94% of those who receive promotional items remember the brand that they are associated with, and 67% keep them. It follows that the more useful the item, the more likely potential customers are to keep them then and use them regularly, increasing your brand exposure.

Custom printed trolley coins, like other customised promotional items, have the added benefit of being a discrete and affordable method of advertising. Promotional tokens are so easy to hand out at your events, and can be supplied in bulk or smaller quantities to suit your needs. Potential customers often appreciate a promotional item that is genuinely practical. The recipient can simply pop the gift on their keyring and be reminded of your brand in a positive way throughout their day, with the added bonus that their friends, family and colleagues may see your message too.

Custom Trolley Tokens FAQs

What Are Custom Trolley Tokens?

Custom trolley tokens are a superb way of developing a connection with your customers. These nifty little pound coin shaped gadgets fit onto a keyring, meaning that your customers will take them wherever they go, and they replace a coin when they are needed in a shopping trolley or gym or swimming pool locker. They provide a convenient solution in a number of different situations and are a lasting way to generate and maintain goodwill towards your business.

How Can Our Trolley Tokens Be Customised?

Our trolley tokens can be customised in a variety of ways, from logos and colour schemes through to memorable text, key words, hashtags and much more. Whether you want your customers to think of you every time they go shopping, or to remember a key date or event, we can help you to create the perfect trolley token for every occasion.