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12th January 2015

According to the BPMA 94% of recipients of promotional products remember the brand / company associated with the items and 67% keep them. With this in mind we have created a number of practical items that will be of use to your customers and will provide a lasting impression of your brand. These are useful items that are functional as well as creative. They are designed for everyday use and can be fully customised with your logo, text and artwork.

Oyster Card Holders / Travel Card Holders

Oyster Card Holders and Travel Card Holders

Millions of people in the UK use public transport everyday. A significant proportion of these commuters will use a travel card or oyster card to keep travel costs to a minimum.

Our printed travel card holders are a great way to get your brand / message in front of your target audience on a daily basis. They can be fully customised with your branding, logo and text and you can choose any Pantone colours or colour mix.

View our Oyster Card Holders and Travel Card Holders

Custom Keyrings

Custom Keyrings

Our silicone custom keyrings provide a cost-effective means of promoting your company, products or services to a wide audience on a regular basis. They’re bright and functional (choose any Pantone colour or colour mix) and can be fully customised with your message or artwork. Made from 100% silicone rubber, they’re washable and long lasting. They’re light too, making them ideal for your pocket, belt loop and pocket.

View our Custom Keyrings

Custom Trolley Coins

Custom Trolley Coins

Our custom trolley coins are plastic tokens that can be used in supermarket trolleys to replace pound coins. How many times have you arrived at the supermarket and realised you don’t have any pound coins? Our handy trolley coins are small and light and can sit comfortably in your bag or purse until they’re needed. They also double as a keyring so you can keep them with your house keys if you prefer.

As with all our promotional products our trolley coins can be fully customised with your choice of logo and / or message and you can choose from any Pantone colour or colour mix.

View our Custom Trolley Coins

To discuss which promotional products will work best for your campaign and to find items that will provide maximum, repeated exposure, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.

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