Five Great Tips for Planning your Business Event

20th January 2015

Planning Your Business Event

Business events, whether they’re seminars, small networking gatherings or large scale conferences are a great way to boost your marketing and grow your business. Whether you’re an experienced event organiser or new to this area, it’s worthwhile to keep abreast of industry trends and discover new ways of event planning. Consider these five important tips when planning your next event.

In the wake of COVID-19 many events that have traditionally taken place at conference venues or business premises are now taking place online. Check out our recent post that includes some great advice for online event planning. The tips below are all relevant for online and face to face events.


Clearly define the purpose of the event. What is it you’re trying to achieve? Are you looking to obtain more leads? Launch a new product or service? Encourage customer loyalty? Educate? Whatever the reason for the event, make sure your purpose is clearly defined and keep referring back to it. Being clear from the outset can help you establish realistic objectives and measure outcomes accordingly. It will also help with setting your budget and ensuring the project doesn’t lose focus. If ever you get stuck in the process, always refer back to the top two tips, purpose and audience.


Who is your target audience for the event? Are you looking to attract new customers or are you targeting your current client base? Or both? Which specific group of clients are you focusing on? Defining your target audience for the event is crucial as it will help form everything from marketing activities, to planning your agenda and deciding on give-aways. A scatter gun approach to targeting rarely succeeds and the result is often low ROI. It pays to be focused and define who you’re targeting.


It is important to establish a budget and stick to it. Work out how you’re going to fund the event. This may come down to using allocated money from your marketing budget or you may wish to consider raising funds through sponsorship, ticketing etc. An important element of this is working out your ROI. If you are reliant on raising funds to cover costs then make sure you gauge interest first. Sign up sponsors and sell advance tickets prior to booking venues etc.

Marketing Plan

Establish a careful marketing plan for your event. Depending on the size and scope of the event, this may be a simple outline or a detailed strategy. Start with your purpose and audience, define clear objectives and work from there. Always measure outcomes carefully and work out how you’re going to do this in advance.

Promotional Products

Custom Drawstring Bags

The event isn’t just about the day itself. Make sure you create a lasting impression with carefully selected promotional products. For example, consider putting together a goodie bag where key sponsors can add their literature / complimentary gifts etc. Our custom drawstring bags are great for this. They have a comfortable shoulder strap so they don’t get in the way when delegates are walking around and can be fully customised with your logo or artwork.

Silicone Wristbands

If you’re promoting a cause or new product etc. our silicone wristbands are a fun and creative way to raise awareness.

Custom Trolley Coins

Everyone loves a freebie, so consider putting together some free gifts. Practical items that can be used every day are particularly effective as they ensure your message is seen repeatedly. Take a look at our travel card wallets.

Custom Travel Card Holders

Note: promotional products are also relevant for online events. Opt for items that are light and easy to post out to delegates.

Whatever the size and scope of the event careful planning is key. It may help to put together a detailed checklist that you can refer back to for future events. Should you need any help with selecting appropriate promotional products our expert team can help. Contact us at or on 01524 230 300.

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