Conference Planning Tools & Checklists

29th January 2015

Custom Lanyards for Conferences and Events

Each year thousands of people attend conferences and trade shows. These events provide a great opportunity for organisations to network with existing customers, generate leads, showcase their products and services, highlight areas of expertise through seminars, promote to press, and launch new products. There is a whole area of marketing strategy that is dedicated to event planning.

Following our article on planning your next business event, we rounded up some great planning sheets and checklists to help you get started, along with invaluable tips and advice from the experts.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list but is a great place to start if you’re thinking of planning a conference or event in the near future.

To begin, some advice from an international conference venue. Olympia plays host to over 200 events each year. Their team is familiar with every aspect of event planning down to the smallest detail. Here’s their take on how to plan a successful conference.

When planning a conference a few years ago, Rosenfield Media spoke to a number of successful event planners and asked for their best tips. Their responses are collated in this useful post.

Lifehack presented some handy planning advice in 10 simple steps. While Eventbrite focuses on planning to minimise stress and increase productivity, and have compiled their ultimate planning checklist.

When you’re planning on welcoming large numbers of visitors to your event, Health & Safety is paramount. The HSE has this advice.

These tips from Small Biz Trends focus on SMEs, while this article is all about planning charity events.

Promotional Products for Conference Bags

And whatever event you’re planning, get the most out of your exhibition stand, and don’t forget your event bags.

Do you have experience in planning great business events? What is your best advice? Add your tips to the comments.

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