Which Silicone Wristbands?

5th November 2019

Which Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are a great way to promote your organisation. They are versatile, fun and, when compared to other forms of promotion, are relatively inexpensive. If you buy in volume, there are even more savings to be made. They are also small and light enough to be handed out at events, placed into delegate packs, or sent through the post.

All our wristbands can be customised. We can match any Pantone colour or mix of colours for the bands and the artwork. So, if you have company colours or colours for a particular campaign, we will ensure consistency. We can also add your choice of message. This could be in the form of a logo, text or artwork.

But, when it comes to ordering, which silicone wristbands do you choose? With various styles, to choose from, how do you know which ones will best fulfil your objectives? Where do you start? To help, we have put together a short guide on choosing the most relevant wristband styles. Ask yourself the following questions.

1. What Are the Wristbands For?

What is the purpose of the wristbands? Our customers buy bands for many reasons. For example:

  • To raise awareness (and possibly funds) for a cause
  • To promote a business or specific campaign
  • As complimentary gifts at an event or launch
  • To support a band
  • To show solidarity to a group, cause, issue
  • For organisational purposes, such as managing school meal times

If your intention is to raise awareness of a cause, business or campaign, any of our customisable bands would be appropriate. The same is true if you’re intending to provide the bands as a gift. You just need to choose the right style.

If you’re selling the bands to show support for a band or festival, though any option will work, you may want to consider some of our longer-lasting bands. For example, our ebmossed, debossed or debossed with infill bands. These wristbands have their artwork and message stamped into the rubber so that it is more durable. This is ideal if fans are wearing the bands continually. Printed wristbands look great but the print will fade over time.

In addition, our glow-in-the-dark wristbands are great for night-time events and dimly lit areas. As the name suggests, they are illuminated in the dark.

2. How Long do they Need to Last?

All of our wristbands are made from 100% silicone rubber. This makes them sturdy and durable. They are not prone to fraying or becoming brittle like bands made from powders. However, the artwork on the bands will not last forever. It will rub off over time.

As mentioned above, our debossed, debossed with infill and embossed wristbands tend to last longer. This is because the message is stamped into the bands. Our printed bands have a shorter shelf-life and as such are more suited to comps and launches.

3. How Long is the Message?

You can fit a lot of text and information onto the bands. However, if you have slightly longer message then our interlinked bands are ideal. They combine two bands, providing you with twice the space for your message. You can also opt for a different colour for each band.

4. Need More Impact?

If you need a greater impact and really want your message to stand out, either our wide wristbands or our multi-coloured bands will get the job done. Our wide bands are 25mm in width, allowing more space to display your artwork. Our multi-coloured bands are made up of several different colours, thus making them more striking.

5. What About Bands to Help With Organisation?

If bands are needed for organisational purposes, we carry a large volume of plain bands in stock. We can also match your own colours. Our plain bands are frequently used to organise school mealtimes or for sports days. Some organisations use them to indicate different departments.

If you’re still uncertain or have any other questions when making a purchase, phone Carrie on 01524 230 300. Alternatively, email sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk.

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