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7th April 2015

Small Business Tips

Back in January we made a New Year’s resolution. You know all those blog posts and business tips that we email to ourselves and file in the ‘To Read’ folder? We started to read them. Each week we put aside half an hour to sit down with a cup of tea and read through those posts that have caught our attention over the last week. We’re not perfect and we don’t get through everything but scheduling this in has certainly helped and we’ve come across some useful information in the process.

The following is some of our highlights. It’s a mixture of marketing tips, advice for small businesses and useful resources.

Are There 10 Commandments of Internet Marketing?

The great thing about this blog is that the articles are short, to the point and packed with useful hints and tips. This post looks at whether there are 10 commandments of online marketing.

4 Ways to Create Powerful Branded Content

4 great tips on creating powerful and compelling content, along with examples from top brands.

3 Opportunities to Massively Improve your Business

3 things you can do right now to make a big difference to your business.

Networking for Dummies: 10 Tips for Starting Business Relationships that Last

Ben Kench, author of Selling for Dummies, talks us through his top tips for meeting people and being remembered.

Eight Ways Brands Can Add Meerkat into their Marketing Mix

Have you heard about the new Meerkat app? Read all about it here and how you can add it to your marketing mix.

The Psychological Trigger That’s Confusing Your Customers (and What to Do About It)

This post looks at how customers make decisions and what we can do to make this as simple as possible.

39 Resources for Understanding the Science & Psychology Behind Great Marketing

Also from Kiss Metrics, this post looks at the psychology behind marketing and points to lots of useful resources.

Political Advertising Isn’t Working

With the UK election campaigns now underway, Marketing Magazine looks at why political advertising no longer works.

Alastair Campbell: The Four Characteristics of Winners in Business

According to Alastair Campbell winners share several traits and explores what it takes to get to the top.

What Business Leaders Can Learn from the Marines

Julia Neumar looks at three leadership traits shared by marines that are also valuable in the business world.

Have you come across any useful articles recently? Please add them to the comments.

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