Trolley Tokens: A Clever and Practical Promotional Gift

19th January 2021

Trolley Tokens

Products such as customised trolley tokens are a great way to get your brand in front of your audience on a regular basis. By gifting practical, functional items you increase positive feelings towards your organisation. The fact that they have a purpose makes them desirable and increases the number of times customers interact with them. They are also less likely to be overlooked or discarded.

Everyone shops. We all need to eat and so it’s necessary to buy food on a fairly regular basis. While it’s true that some people prefer to shop online, judging by checkout queues, the majority of people prefer to shop in person. And we all know that there is nothing more annoying than arriving at the supermarket after a busy day at work and realising you have no pound coins. This is followed by that frantic search through bags and pockets, and an impromptu call at the cashpoint, and then queuing at Customer Services to obtain change. Trolley tokens are used in place of pound coins (or euros) and negate that last minute panic and frustration. Each token comes complete with a detachable keyring and so can be attached to your house keys, ensuring you never leave home without it. Or alternatively, they can be stored in purses or wallets with other coins.

Lancaster Printing provides plastic and metal trolley tokens. Full details and ordering information can be found here. Both can be customised in a number of ways, to promote your brand. Opt for one to four colours. We match any colour or colour mix from the Pantone Colour Chart. One and two-sided printing/engraving is also an option. In addition, we will add your logo and/or text to ensure your message is clear and prominent. So, the next time a customer completes their weekly shop, make sure it’s your organisation, product or cause that comes to mind.

There are many reasons to utilise promotional products in your marketing plan. When compared to other forms of marketing they are often a cost-effective option. They last longer than other promotional materials and they remind customers not only of your presence, but that you care. Items such as trolley tokens have a practical and so encourage repeat exposure. They are small and light enough to be sent out in direct mailings or may be placed into delegate packs or handed out at trade fairs and conferences.

When ordering from Lancaster Printing there are no hidden fees. We can provide you with free samples of previous work and free digital proofs. Delivery to one UK mainland address is free of charge on orders over £50. Contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at for further information or to place an order. Alternatively, you can order directly through our website.

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