Spring Update

14th March 2017

Spring Update
Where is the time going? We can’t quite believe it’s March already and in a few weeks the clocks will go forward. Isn’t it lovely to go to work and come home when it’s still light? This grey, dreary winter is finally leaving us.

We’ve been very busy since Christmas, creating and shipping orders all around the UK. And of course our new blog went live, providing us with a platform to write about silicone wristbands and feature some of our lovely clients.

At present we’re knee high in orders and getting ready to send them to their recipients. We find that orders change at this time of year, as clients look forward to a new season and the forthcoming summer months.

Silicone Wristbands for Schools

In a few weeks the second term ends, culminating in the Easter holidays. Around this time we tend to receive more orders for our plain rubber wristbands. Schools use them to sort pupils into groups to make organising school dinners much easier. We also find that they top up on custom wristbands that are used to mark goals and celebrate achievements.

Colleges and Universities
In the coming months final exams will take place, results will be awarded and colleges and universities will be busy with admissions. We create a large volume of printed silicone wristbands for open days that provide useful hotline numbers and website addresses. These types of bands are also popular during clearing.

As well as silicone wristbands, we provide custom lanyards. These are used for visitor passes and to distinguish staff members.

Silicone Wristbands for Charities

Our charity wristbands are popular throughout the year, with many of our charity clients placing frequent orders. However, as the weather improves there are more sporting events and fun runs organised by charities and other organisations. This creates an increase in orders from both not-for-profits and individuals who are raising money for personal causes.

Festival Wristbands

Festival Season
One of the great things about summer is the festivals. Event organisers are already gaining momentum and placing their orders with us. In the run up to festival season we find that we sell increasing numbers of fabric wristbands, silicone bands, secure paper wristbands and custom and hand waving flags. We’re always excited to see the new artwork created by our clients.

That pretty much brings us up to date. Thank you to everyone who has ordered from us already this year and kept us busy. We’re constantly excited and inspired by the new and innovate ways you use our products. Enjoy the sunshine and have a great spring.

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