Promotional Products for Schools

4th September 2019

For the last 15 years Lancaster Printing has supported schools, colleges, universities and LEAs by providing a range of promotional products. We work closely with these educational institutions to provide high quality items that help organise school mealtimes, identify staff and visitors, reward excellence, and celebrate the organisation and individuals.

Organising School Mealtimes

Plain Silicone Wristbands for Schools

Any teacher or welfare worker will agree that organising several hundred students during lunchtime is a challenging task. Therefore, help with organisation, identifying student groups, and staggering sittings is welcome. Many schools have adopted silicone wristbands to help with this task. We hold a large volume of plain silicone wristbands in stock, which allow staff to identify student groups by colour. They are extremely cost effective and we provide fast turnaround times.

Printed Silicone Wristbands

Our wristbands can be customised by matching school colours, and adding logos and messages. This is also useful when identifying allergies and dietary preferences.

Organising Sports Days

Our simple silicone wristbands are also snapped up for tournaments, matches and sports days. We have a number of standard colours in stock or we can customise to match form and house colours.

Identifying Personnel

Custom Lanyards

Within most large organisations it is necessary to identify personnel for safety and security reasons. Many colleges and universities require staff and students to wear ID badges which also sometimes double as a means to obtain access to buildings and departments. Lanyards help with quick identification which can be achieved by colour and printing or weaving onto the fabric.

Recognising and Rewarding Achievement

Rewarding Achievement

Recognising student achievement is important, whether this is to reward good attendance or recognise academic or sports achievement. Presenting silicone wristbands and custom badges is popular and encourages students to work towards receiving multiple bands or badges.

Other Branded Practical Items

Branded merchandise encourages school, college and university pride. Students like to look back at their experiences in years to come. Therefore, they often purchase promotional products to serve as mementos, as well as to use in a practical capacity. These items allow the organisations to raise funds. Examples include pens, water bottles, flags and travel card holders.

To discuss how Lancaster Printing can assist your school or college, call Carrie now on 01524 230 300 or email

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