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9th March 2015

Over the years we have worked with a number of schools and colleges, providing them with a range of promotional products. We’re very lucky to work with forward-thinking organisations that use our products creatively to engage, raise awareness, to recognise achievement and to promote team spirit.

Here are some of the ways our products are used in schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Organising School Mealtimes

Plain Silicone Wristbands

Since the change in legislation in September 2014, which compelled state-funded schools in England to provide free school meals for infants, our plain silicone wristbands have been jumping off the shelves. They are great way to help organise classes into groups and make mealtimes run a little smoother. We are reliably informed that the children love them too!

Printed Silicone Wristbands

In addition to our plain wristbands we also supply printed silicone wristbands to help flag allergies and dietary preferences.

Organising Sports Days

Our simple silicone wristbands are also snapped up for tournaments, matches and sports days. We have a number of standard colours in stock or we can customise to match your house colours.


Our silicone wristbands have been adopted by a number of colleges as an alternative to ticketing. Plain bands are sometimes used for small events, but for larger scale discos and proms our printed, embossed and debossed wristbands can be fully customised with artwork and logos.

Our wristbands are fun and eye-catching, making them popular with young people. As they’re worn, rather than carried, they are less likely to be lost.

Recognising and Rewarding Achievement

Promotional Products to Recognise Achievement

Many schools and colleges provide prizes to recognise and reward achievement. For example, to reward good attendance, punctuality and academic achievement. We have provided a number of promotional products over the years, the most popular being silicone wristbands and custom badges.

For Open Days

Silicone Wristbands for Schools and Colleges

Our silicone wristbands can be fully customised with your school’s colours, logo and branding, making them ideal promotional tool for parent evenings and open days. They also help foster a sense of ‘school pride’ in younger children.

Custom Lanyards

Our custom lanyards are also popular to help identify staff during school events and in day-to-day situations.

To Raise Funds

As fun, low-cost items, our silicone wristbands and badges are often sold at fetes and bring and buy sales to raise much needed funds or to promote school causes.

To discuss how Lancaster Printing can assist your school or college, call our sales team now on 01524 230 300 or email

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