Freshers Week Looming

7th August 2021

Around 2.38 million students study at UK higher institutions each year. In September and October new students travel across the country or from overseas to take up residence in their halls of residence or rented accommodation. One of the traditions in welcoming this new cohort, and helping them to acclimatise and make new friends, is Freshers Week.

At the beginning of the new term universities and colleges put up stalls and organise activities and events. This is a great opportunity to hand out or sell promotional products with the university colours and branding. These items are often kept for years to come, long after the students have left university, and become mementos of their time there.

As well as catering for universities, colleges and Student Unions, we also provide promotional merchandise for a range of other local businesses that target the student population. These organisations include bars, restaurants, take-aways, sports clubs, taxi firms, and more

We have a fun range of promotional products that can be fully customised with your brand’s colours, artwork and your promotional message.

Promotional Wristbands

Fabric Woven Bands

Promotional wristbands are our most popular Freshers Week products and we manufacture them in their thousands during August and September. Silicone wristbands and snap wristbands are purchased by pubs, clubs and freshers fairs and can be sold as mementos or offered as give-aways.

These popular bands can be customised with your company’s colours and branding and are available in a range of styles. We even provide glow in the dark wristbands for nightclubs and night-time events.

Fabric wristbands are also popular and are used at gigs, shows, fairs and other fun events. Like our silicone bands they are also snapped up by pubs, clubs and other local businesses.

Our Tyvek ® wristbands are a great alternative to standard ticketing and admissions. Made from hard-wearing, durable material they cannot be removed without breaking the seal. Each one is sequentially numbered.

Custom Badges

Custom and Personalised Button Badges

Custom badges frequently make an appearance in goodie bags at freshers fairs and Students’ Union events. As well as increasing brand awareness they make great keepsakes. We provide numerous options including button badges and enamel badges.

Drawstring Bags

Sports Bags

Our custom drawstring bags have appeared at countless freshers fairs to hold leaflets, discount coupons and free gifts. Like our other products they can be customised with your logo and artwork.

These colourful bags also prove popular with local gyms and sports clubs hoping to encourage student membership.


Custom Sweatbands

Our custom sweatbands and headbands are also popular with college gyms and sports clubs. They can be printed or embroidered with your logo, artwork or message.

Promotional Water Bottles

Promotional Water Bottles

Our promotional water bottles are our newest addition and are already proving popular with Students’ Union shops. They are fun as well as practical and can be customised with your logo, artwork or motto. They attach to bags and backpacks via a handy loop.

Hand Flags

Custom Hand Flags

Our custom hand flags can be printed with university, college or team colours and logos to show support during matches. They are popular with university shops for students to hang in their rooms and to keep as a memento of their time at uni.

We pride ourselves on providing quality promotional products at competitive prices. We offer free shipping to one mainland location on orders over £50. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.

To make your Freshers Fair a memorable occasion, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at

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