Promotional Gifts for the Festive Period – Personalised Drawstring Bags

12th November 2021

Personalised Drawstring Bags

As we move towards the end of the year, we notice an upsurge in the number of personalised drawstring bags we sell. Large volumes are purchased by gyms and sports clubs as they order in time for their New Year promotional packages. Organisations also purchase them as festive gifts for employees and customers. In addition, we find that they are popular with event organisers as they prepare for Christmas fairs, markets and other Christmas shopping events. With many events cancelled last year due to the pandemic, organisers are keen to bring a little festive cheer back to the UK with a variety of Christmas shopping experiences.

Personalised Bags for Christmas Fairs, Markets and Other Events

Event organisers know the value of a good bag, whether they use them for delegate packs or to help shoppers with their purchases. Our bags are functional and sturdy, ensuring the repeated use and maximum brand exposure. Our bags will be making a number of appearances at shopping centres, fairs and markets this festive season.

Personalised Bags for Christmas Gifts

Another popular use of our custom bags is for gifting over the festive period. Employers purchase them in volume to give to employees and customers. They can be filled with small presents and other branded materials.

Personalised Drawstring Bags for Gyms and Sports Clubs

It is estimated that by 2022 7 million Brits will hold a gym membership. Our bags are ordered in volume to hand out or sell to gym/club members. At 345mm x 450mm they provide ample space for gym kits, and they are lightweight enough to carry around via the handy drawstring straps. They can be easily stashed in boots or lockers until ready for use.

Personalised Bags for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our bags are ordered throughout the year by schools, colleges and universities. They can be printed with school crests or logos and are often sold in college shops. Students use them to carry books and PE kits.

The custom polyester drawstring bags are made from a lightweight fabric and come compete with a drawstring strap. This ensures they are comfortable and easy to carry over the shoulder. They come in a range of colours (white, black, red, yellow, green and light blue) and can be customised with your choice of logo, message or artwork. The fabric is sturdy and the bags are made to a high standard which supports frequent use. This ensures brand exposure each time a customer or employee uses the bag, allowing them to market your business or services.

Low prices and low minimum order quantities make our drawstring bags a cost effective marketing option. Turnaround times are fast and reliable, and shipping is free of charge on orders over £50 going to one UK mainland location.

Our ordering process is quick and simple, and you can request a quotation via the website. You can also upload artwork to avoid clogging up your outbox. If you have any queries Carrie will walk you through each step of the process. Contact her at

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