Marketing With Custom Lanyards

5th October 2019

Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are one of our staple products. They sell steadily throughout the year and we receive orders from a variety of organisations including schools, universities, commercial companies and healthcare providers. Lanyards are essentially a functional item. Their purpose is to hold staff ID badges, electronic passes, and delegate passes. They also serve to identify officials at organisations and large public gatherings such as festivals. In addition to this lanyards are also utilised to increase brand awareness, promote services and reinforce messages. Are you missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity? Read on to get the most out of your custom lanyards.

1. Colours – When purchasing lanyards think carefully about matching colours to staff uniforms. Our lanyards can be matched to any Pantone colour or mix of colours to allow you to complement uniforms/clothing or to mirror your brand identity.

For large organisations and events, use colour as an immediate identifier, allowing guests and members of the public to identify staff and officials quickly.

2. Be Creative – Lanyards provide a lot of space to be creative and add your unique branding. Many organisations are required to include specific text to identify staff or medical departments etc. However, if this isn’t a requirement think carefully about what message you wish to convey. For instance, colleges and universities add their mottos, hashtags and other marketing messages. We can include any logo, artwork or promotional message.

3. Durability – Opt for lanyards that are strong and hard wearing, especially if they are for daily or frequent use. They rub against clothing and are left in bags and pockets when not being worn. So quality is important. All our lanyards are made from durable materials that are designed to last.

4. Card Inserts – Think carefully about your card inserts. This is another opportunity to promote your brand and can be great for advertising. For example, rather than including simple welcome text why not something like, ‘Ask me about our 25% promotion’? Don’t miss out on a marketing opportunity.

5. Card Holders – If you’re ordering lanyards for long term rather than temporary use, opt for good quality rigid card holders. These are a longer lasting and more durable, especially if cards are used as passes on a daily basis.

Lanyards Explained

All our lanyards are made from high quality materials and come complete with a choice of clips. We will match your company colours and either print or weave your artwork into the fabric. We have four different types of lanyards, depending on your needs.

Printed Lanyards (Flat)

Our flat printed lanyards are a cost-effective solution. As the name suggests, the lanyard lies flat and your choice of logo or artwork is printed onto it. These lanyards are suitable for simple designs made up of a few colours.

Dye Sublimation Lanyards

These lanyards are ideal if your design requirements are a little more complex. For example, if your design is particularly detailed or requires a number of different colours. These lanyards are produced on a smooth polyester material to enhance the appearance.

Woven Lanyards

Our woven lanyards are also fully customisable. Your logo or message will be stitched into the fabric, providing a professional and creative finish.

Tube Lanyards

This is our most affordable option. As the name suggests, our tube lanyards are so-called because of their shape. The strong polyester material is woven into a tube and then over printed with your choice of logo or artwork.

Looking to purchase custom lanyards? Contact our Carrie now. She will talk you through the options and help you decide which lanyards are most suitable for your organisation. Phone 01524 230 300 or email

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