Our Top Tips on Custom Lanyards

23rd September 2015

Custom Lanyards: Our Top Tips

Lanyards are one of our staple products. They are not a seasonal item and are ordered frequently throughout the year from a wide range of customers. Lanyards have a variety of uses including holding staff ID badges and electronic passes, holding delegate passes for conferences and large events and identifying staff / officials at festivals or in organisations such as hospitals and universities.

Though essentially a practical or functional item, Lanyards needn’t be dull. Many of our customers use them creatively to increase brand awareness and to promote their business or services.

Here are our top tips for creating custom lanyards:

1. Colours – When purchasing lanyards think carefully about matching colours to staff uniforms. Our lanyards can be matched to any Pantone colour or mix of colours to allow you to complement uniforms / clothing or to mirror your brand identity.

2. Be Creative – Lanyards provide a lot of space to be creative and add your unique branding. Many organisations are required to include specific text to identify staff or medical departments etc. However, if this isn’t a requirement think carefully about what message you wish to convey. We can include any logo, artwork or promotional message.

Custom Lanyards

3. Durability – Opt for lanyards that are strong and hardwearing, especially if they are for daily or frequent use. All of our lanyards are made from durable materials that are designed to last.

4. Card Inserts – Think carefully about your card inserts. This is another opportunity to promote your brand and can be great for advertising. For example, rather than including simple ‘welcome’ text staff could include a message promoting special offers such as ‘10% off in the gift shop all week’ or ‘coming soon’ messages.

5. Card Holders – If you’re ordering lanyards for long term use, rather than for temporary day passes, opt for good quality rigid card holders. These are a longer-lasting and more durable, especially if cards are being used as passes etc. on a daily basis.

Custom Woven Lanyards

All of our lanyards are made from high quality materials and come complete with a choice of clips. We can match your company colours and we can either print artwork or it can be woven into the fabric.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to promote your brand. Contact us now to discuss your requirements. Phone 01524 230 300 or email sales@lancasterprinting.co.uk.

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