Our Top Five Tips to Encourage Repeat Business

23rd March 2015

Encouraging Repeat Business

A considerable amount of time, effort and money goes into marketing and promotions and so it is vital that we make the most of every opportunity and encourage customers to return time and time again.

Over the years we have built up a loyal customer base. As well as being our bread and butter, these repeat customers continue to surprise and inspire us and push us creatively with their ideas and enthusiasm for new projects.

Below we have shared our top five tips to retain customers and to encourage repeat business.

1. Provide Exceptional Service

This may sound obvious but it is often overlooked. You may have felt like this yourself as a customer at times, where all of the time and effort seems to go into chasing the sale but once you’ve signed the contract the enthusiasm decreases. Sound familiar? Make sure your customers feel special. Do what you say you’ll do. Make sure you meet your deadlines, keep customers informed throughout the process and pay attention to the details.

From time to time things go wrong. Acknowledge it swiftly and put it right. People recognise that we’re only human and these things happen. You will be remembered and judged on how you responded and how quickly the situation was rectified.

2. Follow Up

Always follow up. Once a service has been completed or a product has been received, follow up with the customer to check that they’re happy with everything and that everything went to plan. Accept criticism / suggestions gracefully.

3. Keep Records

Keep customer details on file for future use. As well as the basics – name, company, position, order details, contact info etc. – gather additional information such as social media contacts and relevant personal information that is offered. This will allow you to tailor future correspondence and offerings.

Always ensure that you adhere to data protection guidelines and outline your processes carefully in your Privacy Policy.

4. Keep in Contact

Keep in contact with your clients. Phone from time to time to see if there’s anything you can help with. Let them know when you have new products or services that they may be interested in. Consider setting up a blog and send out regular e-newsletters to keep them informed.

If applicable, connect via social media sites.

5. Reward their Business

We often hear about incentives for new business, but how often do companies apply this to their loyal customers? Encourage repeat business by offering discounts or set up special offers that are relevant to existing customers only. Consider providing existing customers with access to new products and services prior to them becoming available to everyone else.

Focusing solely on chasing new sales and forgetting existing customers is a mistake. Remember that retaining repeat customers is much cheaper than finding new ones. If you treat them well, provide good service and nurture your relationship with them, they will not only provide you with a steady stream of business but will become real advocates for your company, helping to spread the word.

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