Marketing with Custom Flags

15th November 2019

Custom Flags

Each year Lancaster Printing sells a large volume of pre-printed and custom flags. They range from hand waving and car flags to large-scale flags. Union Jacks and England flags are also popular during royal visits, carnivals, and large international sports tournaments.

It seems that flags have a long and interesting history, and it’s thought they have been in use for over 4,000 years. We know this from the remnants of a metal Iranian flag dated 3,000 BC, and through pictures on ancient Greek coins and Egyptian tombs.

The very first flags were known as vexilloids, which means ‘guide’. Unlike the flags we’re familiar with today; they were made from metal or wood and consisted of a pole with a carving at the top. The first flags to use fabric came into use around 2,000 years ago.

Early flags were used in battle to identify each side. Today they have many different uses. Each country in the world has its own flag, as do many states and regions. In addition, they are used to represent organisations, companies, clubs and other groups, and as a way of celebrating and showing support.

Our flags can be fully or partially customised. They are largely purchased for promotional purposes. Typical uses include:

  • To identify businesses, brands and products
  • At conferences and events to help guide delegates
  • To launch new products and services
  • For large scale advertising on forecourts and at business premises
  • As merchandise at concerts, plays, and pantos
  • At festivals to demonstrate support, belonging and nationality
  • To show support for teams and clubs
  • As table settings
  • To raise awareness and funds for charities

Custom Flags

Our flags are popular with many organisations including automobile companies, sports and leisure clubs, universities, and charities. They can be fully customised with a choice of colours and artwork. During international tournaments we can customise our England flags to associate your brand with a national team.

What makes flags so popular? We asked some of our regular customers and here’s what they told us.

  • Flags are bright, eye-catching and easy to identify
  • They are associated with fun and celebration
  • People enjoy waving flags at shows, concerts, and royal visits
  • They are used to identify organisations, brands and products

For more information or to order your own custom flags, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at,

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