Increasing Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

26th October 2015

In last week’s post we looked at people’s perceptions of promotional products and how they influence purchase decisions. The BPMA research we referred to found that the best branded free gift is ‘a useful novelty item that is relevant and of good quality’. There are many reasons for this. ‘Useful products’ have a function or purpose and help you go about your everyday tasks. The more useful an item, the more frequently you will use it. If that item carries your branding, then this will place your organisation in front of your intended audience on a regular basis. If the item is of good quality and well-designed, this is likely to create positive associations.

The following are some of our ‘useful’ items that are used by businesses on a daily basis.

Useful Everyday Promotional Products

1. Oyster Card / Travel Card Holders

If your clients are commuters, ensure they see your brand or message each time they use public transport. Also used by some gyms and sports clubs to hold membership cards.

2. Trolley Coins

Ensure your branding is prominent when your clients go shopping. These useful trolley coins are used in place of pound coins to release shopping trolleys. Carry them with small change or use the detachable keyring to attach to keys.

3. Custom Keyrings

Our custom keyrings are robust and lightweight. Ensure your branding is the first thing clients see when they open their front door or gym locker.

4. Gym Bags and Sports Bags

Our gym / sports bags have a large area to display your logo, slogan or message. Your message will be displayed not only to clients but to anyone they come into contact with. Place close attention to design and aesthetics.

5. Sweat Bands

Popular with health and leisure companies, your logo or message can be printed or embroidered onto our sweatbands and headbands. Ideal for gyms and sports clubs.

6. Custom Water Bottles

Our custom water bottles are handy for work bags and gym bags. When full they stand upright on a desk or flat surface and when the drink is finished you can fold them flat. Each bottle comes complete with a side clip that will attach to bags and belt loops.

All of the above promotional products are designed for frequent use. They can be customised with your choice of colour, logo, artwork or message to ensure repeated brand exposure.

For further details about any of our promotional products email or telephone 01524

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