How you Can Prepare for Leeds & Reading

5th July 2022

The summer is finally here and that means that so is festival season! With both Leeds festival and Reading festival happening over the weekend of 26-28 August, there isn’t a lot of time for businesses and charities to prepare for them.

But fear not, at Lancaster Printing, we are here to help and offer personalised printing on all of our products and a quick turnaround. We offer free samples of our previous work, free digital proofs and even free delivery to mainland UK on orders over £50.

So whether you’re attending Reading festival or Leeds festival, or you plan to have staff at both events, we can support you in developing and supplying whatever promotional material that you require to support the events.

Wristbands are Essential

Whether it be wristbands with either your logo or relevant support line numbers on or badges to identify your staff, we have a range of options available to you. Our range of silicone wristbands are available with embossed, debossed or debossed with infill text, images and logos in an enormous range of colours including multi-coloured and even glow-in-the-dark. These products are hugely popular both with organisations wishing to promote brand awareness or identify their staff but also with festival-goers who particularly enjoy keeping promotional material with the festival information on as a reminder of their time at the event.

For those businesses and charities that attend the festivals in a support capacity, our Tyvek ® Wristbands have proven very popular at previous events. Being strong and waterproof makes them ideal to cope with the rigours of a festival environment and they have proven invaluable at previous events when organisations have distributed them to parents of young children at the entrances. This enables telephone numbers to be safely attached to the children to aid in reuniting them should they become separated from their families at any point during the event. They are also popular with people who have medical issues and wish to make these obvious to paramedics or first aiders, should they suffer from a bout of ill health during the festival.

Stall Stock

If your charity is going to have a fundraising stall at either Leeds or Reading festival, you may be seeking promotional material to sell on your stall. Our flag range is always very popular with many festival-goers keen to take home a promotional hand waving flag or car mounted flag as a memento of the event. Other popular items include our range of car air fresheners which are often purchased by teenage visitors as an apology to the parents who have to collect them after 3 days in a muddy field. Other small items which are ideal for festival-goers to pop in their pocket or handbag to find at a later date include trolley tokens, sweatbands, pens and coasters. All of our items can be personalised with whatever images, logos or text that you want so if you would like to discuss your festival requirements, please call us today.

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