How to Use Silicone Wristbands Within an Organisation

20th February 2021

Silicone Wristbands

Throughout our years in business silicone wristbands have been our best-selling promotional product. This continues to be the case. They consistently outperform all other products, winning regular repeat orders, and attracting new audiences with new ideas of how to use them effectively within their organisations.

We put their success down to four things:

  • Wide Ranging Appeal
    Silicone bands are not just favoured by young people, though they have certainly led the way. They are enjoyed across all age groups and genders, making them a favourable prospect for organisations. Their popularity ensures they are worn repeatedly, thus increasing brand reach. This is a great example of the end user promoting the organisation or cause.
  • Cost Effective
    Silicone wristbands are cost effective, particularly when compared to other forms of advertising. Depending on the type and the volume you order, prices start at as little as 9p each. This provides a good return on investment.
  • Positive Associations
    When you think about silicone wristbands what comes to mind? Supporting a worthy cause? Demonstrating your belonging to a group or being part of a team? Festivals? Parties? Celebrations? Supporting an artist, group, or band? Receiving an award or recognition? All these things are positive and make us feel good. It makes sense then that these feel-good vibes are transferred to the organisation.The bands are fairly small and have limited space to promote or advertise. So organisations are constantly coming up with innovative and creative ways make them visually appealing, eye catching or instantly recognisable. They use font, colour and messages to good effect. This is turn makes the end user more likely to wear them repeatedly.
  • Belonging
    Belonging is part of our biological make up. From an evolutionary perspective, being part of a family, tribe or community was necessary for our survival. And so it is something that has become embedded within us. And it can be seen in many areas of our lives, from friendship groups, choosing significant others and generally fitting in with peers, colleagues and communities. Many people wear silicone bands to show that they belong to or support a group. They wear them to show allegiance to a band or cause, or to show that they were at a concert or festival. It is important to belong. Silicone wristbands help us to do this and to demonstrate it.

How are Organisations Using Silicone Wristbands?

Organisations uses silicone wristbands in a variety of different ways.

  • Charities and Not-For-Profits
    We work with several charities and not-for-profits. They regularly use silicone wristbands as part of their marketing plan to promote their work and raise awareness. This is sometimes as simple as ordering plain bands in their charity colour. We match any Pantone colour or colour mix. Or they order custom printed rubber wristbands to display artwork or a message.In addition to raising awareness, wristbands are often sold at charity events, in shops or online, to raise additional funds.

    As well as charities we often receive orders from individuals or small community groups. For example, if they’re taking part in a fun run or other fund-raising activity. They sell the bands to friends, families and sponsors to raise funds for their chosen charity or for an organisation that has personal significance to them. Our price points are low enough to make the bands affordable to individuals and small groups.

  • Businesses
    The low costs and low minimum order quantities make our wristbands an effective promotional tool for large and small businesses. They have been adopted by a range of companies of different sizes in countless ways. For example, to launch new products and services, to visually identify different departments and groups, to recognise achievement, to give as gifts, to hand out at product launches, to provide hotline numbers and to draw people to websites and landing pages. There is no end to the ways in which these versatile bands are used.
  • By Schools, Colleges and Universities
    Schools and other educational institutions use our bands in several different ways. For example, we work with primary schools who order a consistent supply of bands to reward achievements such as recognising excellence and personal development, to distinguish prefects, to organise school dinner times, and for sports day events.Colleges and universities also use silicone wristbands. They hand them out at open days and provide hotline numbers and links to landing pages for enrolment days. They also sell them in campus shops.
  • Event Organisers
    Our silicone wristbands are popular with event companies. These companies organise a range of conferences, conventions, sports matches, festivals, gigs, and many other events at which wristbands feature widely. They can be found in delegate packs, on conference stands, and are often sold at festivals and gigs to attendees. Wristbands are also commonly used in place of tickets.

If you’re looking to incorporate wristbands or other promo products into your marketing activities, let us help. Browse our large range of options here. We provide a cost-effective service and customise bands to match your colours and branding. We offer fast, reliable delivery times, and shipping is free to one UK mainland location on orders over £50. Contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 to discuss your requirements.

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