How to Raise Money for Children in Need?

7th November 2022

BBC Children In Need will be raising money on the 18th and 19th November 2022 to change young lives. The annual event is famed for supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds, those that are unwell and those that have fallen on hard times. This vital charity effort goes a long way towards helping thousands of children and their families every year, and there is much that your business can do to help.

The BBC’s annual fundraiser offers a wonderful opportunity for businesses to contribute to a worthy charity and to raise their profile at the same time. Whilst the BBC has plenty of merchandise to promote the event, our supplementary items will help your business to stand out and bring your employees together.

Raising Funds At Work

Every year, much of the UK’s population comes together to raise money for Children in Need, taking part in events that are organised by the BBC such as the Countryfile Ramble and donating on appeal night, but there is much more that businesses can do to raise money to support this high profile charity work.

From coffee mornings, cake sales and Wear Spotty Clothes days to sponsored silences and fitness events, businesses can really bring their staff together, improve morale and raise vital funds to support young people near you. The BBC’s website offers plenty of suggestions for suitable fundraising activities but why not open the floor to your staff and customers for novel suggestions? This could even be your first money-raising activity – £1 per suggestion will accumulate very quickly and provide a great starting point.

How We Can Help

At Lancaster Printing, we can supply all of the personalised items that you need to give your event a corporate feel and to engender team spirit. We offer personalised lanyards, badges and wristbands, which can be customised with your company logo and colour scheme, the date and name of your event and any other information that you deem appropriate.

If your event requires public support, then as well as using the bunting, flyers and sponsorship forms provided by the BBC, we can supplement this with personalised flags, which can be used to advertise the event or to highlight your business’ involvement. These are very effective advertising, especially if the local press will be providing coverage of the event. Again, they can be customised with your company’s name, logo, colour scheme and other information, such as motivational quotes or your business’ vision statement.

You may choose to sell promotional items to raise money to donate to the event, and we offer a large selection of popular items which are sure to be of interest to many. For public-facing businesses with a checkout area, our pens offer excellent value for money, come in a wide range of colours, are easily customisable and are of very high quality. Other small items that are easy to display are fridge magnets. They make a great stocking filler, and are available in a choice of sizes, shapes and colours, all of which can have your logo added at no extra charge. Trolley tokens and coasters are always sought after as they are items that are easily mislaid or damaged, so adding these to your collection is a great move.

If your staff plan to participate in a fitness-based event, then our range of water bottles, sweatbands and drawstring bags will surely be of interest. Easily customised with your business logo and preferred colour schemes, there will be no doubt as to who they belong to and your staff will enjoy the sense of togetherness that matching accessories provide.

Good To Know

We offer free digital proofs on all of our products as well as free samples of our previous work. We find this is a great way of helping you to ensure that you will be delighted with your order. And with free delivery on orders over £50, our prices will bring a smile to your face too.


Whether your business is planning to participate in a BBC event, you are organising your own event, seeking sponsorship or you plan to be selling merchandise to raise money to support BBC Children in Need, you can trust Lancaster Printing to provide the promotional merchandise that you need to stand out, promote your business and bring your staff together under your business banner (literally and figuratively!) Our dedicated customer services team look forward to discussing your requirements.

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