How to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

5th August 2022

Breast cancer affects around 55,000 women and 370 men in the UK every year with approximately 20% of those diagnosed dying from the condition. Cancer charities are determined to achieve their goal of zero deaths from diagnosed breast cancer by the year 2050 but this will only be possible with ongoing charity help, fundraising and public support to provide the necessary medical and technological advances ahead of this time.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you may be considering how your charity can begin to raise awareness of the condition in order to get supporters motivated and fundraising events and efforts set up well in advance.

We offer a wide range of promotional products which can help cancer support charities gain the necessary visibility, bringing attention to their causes and enabling staff and supporters to be recognised as verified employees and volunteers when out fundraising in public or supporting public events.

We recommend our range of lanyards and wristbands to identify your staff. These are available in pink and can be printed with your charity logo and telephone number for authenticity purposes. They are designed to provide the public with the confidence to donate when they see your staff at events. They are available in silicone, woven fabric, reusable fabric and as PVC snap bands and all can be personalised with your choice of colours, logos and text.

For those charities wishing to send promotional items or gifts to organisations, individuals, schools and businesses who are signing up to host their own breast cancer awareness fundraising events and activities, we stock a range of appropriate items, all of which are completely customisable to suit your individual requirements.

Save the date fridge magnets are a great way of reminding your supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month whilst promotional pens will certainly get plenty of use in the run up to the events. Our fridge magnets are available in 15 shapes and are ideal for promoting awareness of your cause. They can be custom printed in any colour and with any design or text that you need. A popular use for them is to remind supporters of the URL for your website’s donations page.

Promotional pens are ideal for despatch by post as they are lightweight and fit easily into a standard envelope. They are the perfect item to supply as part of a fundraising pack, and as with the fridge magnets, are available in the colour of your choice and can be printed with your charity logo, website address, dates and any other information that you require. They will allow your supporters to continually promote your cause whenever they use them, as well as reminding themselves of key events and activities that they need to plan for to support their own fundraising efforts.

If your charity is proposing fitness or sporting activity-based fundraising events, we also offer a range of sweatbands, both for the head and for the wrist, all of which are made from 100% cotton to offer maximum comfort and absorbability. They can be a nice surprise for individuals and companies to find in their charity help fundraising packs. Our sweatbands can be printed or embroidered, depending on your preference, with your charity logo, or other artwork or text. These are a great product for ongoing marketing as they are the sort of product that consumers will continue to use, even after the event has finished, providing free marketing for your charity every time.

We offer free digital proofs across our range and free delivery to mainland UK locations on all orders over £50

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