How to Promote Your Brand During the Olympics

25th June 2024

The Olympic Games Paris 2024 will run from the 26th July until the 11th August 2024, and it is anticipated that 1 billion people from around the world will watch the event, with 326,000 attending in person. This makes it a unique opportunity to promote your brand to an immense audience.

Use hashtags such as #olympics and #olympicgames to show your support and get your brand name seen on social media. Doing so will highlight your brand to a wide audience who, depending on your message, may then visit your social media page or website to find out more about your business. Use this opportunity wisely – run competitions and promotions to generate a buzz and to reward these new visitors for checking you out.

Speaking Of Promotions…

Don’t forget your physical promotions! While it’s all well and good to be seen online, never forget that personalised merchandise issued to loyal supporters and new followers will be ever-present in their everyday lives, acting as a constant reminder of your brand and of your shared values.

There are many products that are suitable for personalising and issuing to customers – fridge magnets bearing the dates of key fixtures will be regularly reviewed, while a promotional pen with a QR code linking to the full Olympic Games programme will help customers to plan their viewing schedule. Car air fresheners are a surprising and delightful twist to the norm, offering customers a constant reminder of the games while also making their car a more pleasant environment to spend time in.

Merchandise to Stock in Store

While there are many products that you may wish to issue to customers and followers as freebies to increase their association with your brand, if you own a retail outlet or hospitality venue, there are some products that you really ought to stock.

Flags and bunting are always popular in the run-up to and during any major sporting event. You could personalise these flags with your brand name and the Paris 2024 Olympics emblem to make sure that they will be kept as a long-term memento of the event, rather than discarded once it is over. There is a wide variety of flags to choose from – from small hand waving flags and car mounted flags to large flags which can be hung from a window or attached to the side of the house.

Many customers will be hosting or attending garden parties, so coasters and cocktail umbrellas bearing the emblem and your business’ name will be regularly used at these events and, again, create that desirable association between your brand and its support of our national team.

Plenty of people will still need to work and travel during the games, so make it easy for them to show their support while they are unable to tune in to the live events by stocking travel card holders, tote bags and water bottles. All of these products can be personalised with your chosen colours, artwork, messages and slogans to make sure that they adequately represent the views of your target audience and subtly promote your brand at the same time.

Think Long Term

The Olympics will run for just over 2 weeks but its long-term impact will be huge. People all over the world will be inspired by the efforts of the athletes that they watch on television and gym membership will likely experience a major boom. Promotional products that make it easy for people to take up or engage in sports will be in high demand, so consider stocking T-shirts, sweat bands, mobile phone holders and gym bags bearing your logo and an encouraging message to attract these new customers.

You could even tie in digital and physical marketing by offering online competitions to win a keep fit kit. Not only will the extra likes and shares boost your online presence but a wide audience will know what products and services your business offers and bear you in mind should they need anything that you can provide in the future.

Chat to the Experts

If the idea of issuing branded freebies or maximising your marketing efforts with promotional merchandise is an avenue that you would like to explore, please contact the experienced and helpful team at Lancaster Printing today. We are here to help your business shine.

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