How Can You Prepare for Freshers Week?

13th September 2022

Freshers week is an eagerly anticipated rite of passage amongst university students, many of whom are leaving home for the first time and living in a new city. It offers them the opportunity to get to know where they will live and study, meet new people and most importantly, have some fun.

Businesses in university towns should by now be bracing themselves for the flood of trade that is likely to come towards the end of the month for freshers week. Especially if they are in the hospitality industry as the influx of students are likely to be heading for their nearest pub or nightclub to let their hair down and settle into their new life as a fully fledged adult.

With fierce competition expected between businesses, each trying to attract as much trade as possible, the best way of gaining attention is to stand out from the crowd. Providing the best drinks or the cheapest prices may keep people coming back but not if they don’t come to you in the first place. For that, you need our help.

What We Sell

At Lancaster Printing, we offer a wide and varied selection of promotional merchandise for businesses in all industries, and we know how students think. We know that they will be attracted by bold advertising and keen to gather mementos so embrace this knowledge and use it to your advantage. Hang bunting, banners and flags outside of your establishment to make the students feel welcome and if you are running Freshers week specials, tell them about it. We stock large polyester flags which measure 3ft x 5ft that can be custom printed with your colour scheme, choice of text and images and they are guaranteed to be noticed. Smaller hand waving flags can also be incorporated into your pavement display, leading the way to your door.

Because students love a freebie, why not include a free wristband with the cost of entry or upon purchase of their first drink? We offer a range of silicone wristbands, ranging from single colour, printed wristbands through to glow in the dark wristbands which can be customised with your logo or message which can be debossed, embossed or printed on. Wristbands are excellent personalised products that students will love – they will enjoy wearing them for the fashion appeal, they will remind them of the fun they have had and also of where they have been, meaning that no matter how many establishments they visit during the week, they will remember yours.

Ideas for Food & Drink

If you are serving food or drinks to students, why not add a touch of the exotic with a custom printed cocktail stick? Suitable for mocktails as well as cocktails, and perfect to keep your burgers from toppling, we can customise them with your choice of branding, colour and artwork. If you are running any sort of freshers week challenge, they can be used to keep score as well as cleverly advertising your business at the same time. They are also entirely recyclable, so for businesses that are keen to appeal to a modern, environmentally conscious student audience, they are the ideal promotional product.

Students who are leaving home and fending for themselves for the first time are likely to be naive as to the practicalities of shopping for themselves and there are some common items that they are likely to need or want. Smart businesses can supply these to them, free of charge, earning themselves a superb reputation and allowing the student to become a form of free advertising, every time they use them.

What Students Need

These student products include pens, drawstring bags, and water bottles amongst many others. Each of these items presents businesses with the opportunity to find favour with new dwellers in the city that they operate in. Smart advertising on a promotional product such as these will keep your business in that student’s mind every time they use them, increasing the chance that they will come back to you the next time they need something that you can supply.

Our range of personalised products is available with free delivery on orders over £50 and free samples are available. To discuss your requirements or to place an order, please contact us today.

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