The Perks of a Hygiene Hand Keyring

23rd November 2020

Hygiene Hand Keyring

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus is spread from person to person when they are in close proximity to one another. Typically, droplets are spread through breathing, talking, singing, coughing and sneezing. When the droplets are unknowingly inhaled, they can cause infection. Hence, we have the 2-metre social distancing rule, and use face masks to help avoid the spread of droplets through the air. Sometimes these droplets land on surfaces and are transferred by touch, especially if the person touches their face afterwards. Therefore, regular cleaning of common areas is vital to help contain the virus. And this is where the hygiene hand keyring comes in.

But how do you know that a surface is safe? When you’re working in an office environment or warehouse with lots of communal areas, how do you know that the person using the lift or kettle before you has cleaned down the area? Despite best intentions we all touch hundreds of surfaces each day and it is easy to forget when we are used to doing these things without thinking. Think about how many times you use the public bathroom, use a keypad to access a room, or how many times you open and close a door. The COVID safe keyring acts as a barrier between you and infected surfaces. It negates the need to touch the surface with your hands, therefore protecting you from harmful germs. Click here for further details.

Hand Keyring Uses

The hygiene hand keyring can be used in several ways to help combat the spread of Coronavirus:

  • To open doors. The intelligent design of the hand keyring includes a handy hook, which is ideal for some door handles. Think about how many people walk through office doors on a daily basis, using the handles to gain access.
  • To push buttons. For example, on door access keypads and for lift access.
  • For day to day errands and getting around. When you’re out and about the hand keyring can be used on pelican crossings, entry points, cashpoints, chip and pin machines, etc.

The hand keyrings are small, portable and light. They come complete with a split ring fitment to allow you to add them to your keys, to ensure they’re always handy. They can be carried in your pocket or handbag.

We only use high quality materials in our products, and these keyrings are no exception. They are made from a zinc alloy for strength and durability. Each comes in its own poly bag. There are three colourways to choose from, gold, silver or antique copper plating. We can even incorporate your logo or artwork to maximise brand exposure.

We provide fast and efficient processing times, and delivery is free to one UK mainland location on orders over £50. Contact Carrie for details at

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