Get Your Wristbands Ahead of Festival Season

11th May 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic & it’s associated event cancellations now a thing of the past, festival-goers’ eyes are fixed on the UK festivals 2022 calendar. With over 200 festivals planned for this year, businesses and charities have a perfect opportunity to network and get their brands seen by the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to visit a music event across the length and breadth of the UK over the course of the next few months.
It’s a well known fact that festival-goers love merchandise and what better than a wristband for potential customers to feel a part of your brand. Research shows that people often wear their festival wristbands for weeks or sometimes months after attending an enjoyable event. People often treat their wristbands as a memento making it a popular keepsake item.

Regional-based businesses are encouraged to use local festivals as a marketing platform as these give them a wide reach, in particular to people that live locally and are likely to frequent their services after the event.

What do you Need for Festivals?

We are a leading UK-based supplier of promotional wristbands and stock a huge range, from the traditional silicone and fabric wristbands to the ever-popular snap bands and even Tyvek ® secure paper bracelets. When you buy wristbands from Lancaster Printing, we guarantee that your wristbands will be of the highest possible quality. We believe that durability is critical and we only use eco-friendly inks.

Custom Printing on Wristbands

We offer custom printing across the whole of our range, allowing you to personalise the wristbands with your brand name, logo, image and even to include the name and date of the festival. We can print, emboss, deboss or even embroider your UK festivals 2022 wristbands, custom-making them entirely to your specifications and to suit your function and preference.

How we Help Charities

Many charities will be attending summer festivals to provide support and gain visibility and often to undertake fundraising activities. Our selection of festival wristbands are ideal for charities to use to identify their staff members, or to be printed with appropriate helpline numbers and handed out as appropriate.

What Can You Put on Your Wristbands?

Many people will attend busy festivals with children in tow and your business has an ideal opportunity to raise its profile whilst providing a helpful service. You could choose to hand out Tyvek ® secure paper bracelets with your brand name and contact details on, as well as a space for parents to write their mobile numbers before giving them to their children to wear. This is an invaluable aid in reuniting them, should they become separated at any point during the event. They are equally useful for people who may wish to record any allergies or medications they are taking in the unlikely event that they are taken ill during the event and require medical assistance.

In short, there are so many potential uses for wristbands at UK festivals 2022 and your business or charity can exploit them to their full potential.

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