Get Your Flags for the World Cup

14th October 2022

The Football World Cup 2022 is looming and many England supporters are getting very excited. Hosted this year by Qatar, this illustrious sporting event will run from the 20th November until the 18th December and players and fans alike are keen to see our team lift the trophy which hasn’t been in our country’s possession since 1966.

Following the recent period of national mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it feels fitting that people of all backgrounds living together in the United Kingdom should have something to look forward to and to celebrate together. Many football supporters will be keen to display their national pride by displaying an England flag on their home or car, whilst others will take a hand-waving flag to their local pub or social club to watch the games on the big screen.

Attending the World Cup

For those who are lucky enough to have tickets to attend the event in Qatar in person, a large England flag will serve several purposes. It can be used as an aid to modesty, covering your shoulders and protecting you from sun damage whilst displaying our country’s emblem, or held aloft to provide encouragement to our players.

Whilst the St George cross is the traditional choice for sporting events, we also enjoy seeing the Union Jack getting an outing so we are preparing large stocks of both flags in all types and sizes ahead of the World Cup. Both can be personalised with logos or slogans in order to publicise businesses or provide further words of encouragement to the players. For those wishing to keep their flags as a memento, we can even print the flags with the name and date of the event. These are the perfect choice for businesses wishing to issue flags to their teams.

Hand-waving flags are available in three standard sizes (10cm x 15cm, 20cm x 30cm and 30 cm x 45cm) and custom sizes are available on request. These flags can be made in paper, polythene or polyester, depending on the planned use and need for sturdiness or re-useability.

Watching from Home

For those who will be watching the games at home, our large flags are ideal to display on the front of your house and with their sturdy corner eyelets, they can be easily hung from a window or mounted on your boundary wall or garden fence. Alternatively, you could choose to display our Union Jack bunting, which is a popular alternative to a large flag, being a touch more subtle but still demonstrating the same level of enthusiasm.

Many people will still have to commute to work during the games but rather than being disappointed about missing a game or two, look at it instead as an opportunity to share the joy and connect with other fans by attaching an England flag or two to your car! Our car flags are sturdy and designed to withstand wind and rain, being double stitched on three sides and the fourth side is attached via a rip-resistant nylon sleeve to a strong polypropylene pole. They are mounted on the car door and can be easily removed without causing any damage when the World Cup is over.

Get Your Flags Today

With such a wide variety of flags on offer, can your business stand to miss out on this superb opportunity to provide the British public with the opportunity to show pride in their national identity? We are always pleased to provide free samples of our previous work and with free delivery to mainland UK locations on orders valued at £50 or more, today is the perfect day to order your stock of football supporter flags. For help or advice from our experienced customer services team, please call 01524 230300.

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