Get Ready for Pride: Celebrate with Hand Waving Flags

3rd June 2021

Celebrating Pride Month

With summer just around the corner and the UK slowly emerging from lockdown, there is a lot to look forward to. Sporting events are back, albeit with reduced numbers and careful measures in place, a few key festivals are scheduled over the coming months, holidays are a possibility once again, and very soon Pride season will be upon us. Cities across the UK will celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and everything they stand for and have achieved. So have your rainbow hand waving flags and glitter at the ready.

Traditionally June is Pride month and is a tribute to those who were involved in the Stonewall Riots. Pride is celebrated with a variety of vibrant and colourful outdoor events and parades. This year may look a little different depending on the timings of the roadmap out of lockdown. Organisers are hoping to deliver safe and socially distanced events, where party goers can celebrate and have fun, while staying safe and reducing the likelihood of Covid transmissions. Contingency plans are also in place in case celebrations need to be online. But whatever the format, it is likely that celebrations will go ahead in some form. Check out Pride events taking place in your city this year.

And it wouldn’t be Pride without hand waving flags in the UK. We offer a good range, from small hand flags made of polyester or polythene, or our sturdy paper hand waving flags. All of our flags go through rigorous quality checks and are manufactured to the highest standards. They are bright, fun and will add colour to any celebration. Options include England/St George flags or fully customisable versions, where we add your choice of artwork or message.

We offer a full customisation process and can upload your artwork or message onto your flags. Each step is fast and straightforward. You can request a quotation directly from the website. There is also an option to upload your artwork, or you can email this if you prefer. Each printed flag comes with a lightweight stick that is flexible and robust.

In addition to our handwaving flags, we provide a whole range of promotional products for event planning and celebrations. For fast, efficient ticketing options, check out our secure paper wristbands. They cannot be removed without tearing or showing signs of tampering, and therefore speed up admissions and reduce queuing times.

We also provide a range of festival and silicone wristbands, including glow in the dark versions, that are perfect for night-time events or for use in subdued lighting.

We provide fast and efficient turnaround times and will deliver free of charge on orders over £50 being shipped to one UK mainland location. Order directly through the website or contact Carrie in case of query.

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