Customised Badges and Personalised Lanyards for Businesses

9th October 2020

Since the national lockdown ended and more people have been allowed to go back to work and school, and to visit shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and other establishments, it has become vital to adhere to stringent safety precautions. Businesses have had to respond quickly to ensure they are providing safe spaces for their staff, customers and visitors. Lancaster Printing provides a range of products, such as custom badges and personalised lanyards to help businesses manage this process. Like all of our products they can be customised to match company colours and to display custom artwork or messages.

One of the safety measures that the government has implemented is the necessity to wear a face covering on public transport and in certain establishments. A full list can be found here. However, for some people wearing a face covering could cause difficulties. For example, for people with certain health conditions, or people who my rely on lip reading in order to communicate. Therefore, the government has put together a list of possible exemptions. They have also provided an exemption card that can be downloaded from their website and either displayed on their phone or printed out.

For businesses with members of staff who fall into this category, we provide a range of personalised lanyards (view them here) that will help to display exemption notices. Our lanyards can be customised in several ways. We can match any Pantone colour or colour mix, to ensure lanyards match your company or uniform colours. We can also either print or embroider your choice of logo, artwork or message. Exemption notices can be placed inside clear PVC pouches that are also available to purchase.

And as an alternative to wearing a lanyard, we also provide custom badges, which you can view here. There are a number of options to choose from including button badges, rubber/PVC badges, enamel lapel badges and printed metal badges. Again, our personalised badges can be fully customised with your choice of colours, message and artwork.

These are not the only ways that personalised lanyards and badges are being utilised. For example, organisations are ordering them to identify key personnel such as health workers, cleaners and other key members of staff. Lanyards are being used to carry identification and entry passes to allow access to restricted areas.

These measures, along with social distancing, the use of PPE, screens, careful cleaning and stringent risk assessments have meant that businesses can continue to operate during difficult circumstances. They also help to build trust with staff, customers and members of the public.

To discuss how Lancaster Printing can help you to manage these new rules and help your business to function safely and efficiently, contact Carrie on 01524 230 300 or at We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and excellent customer service. We offer fast, efficient turnaround times, and delivery on most items is free for orders over £50 going to one UK mainland location.

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