Create Impact With Promotional Merchandise

7th January 2018

Promotional Products Planning

Don’t forget promotional merchandise when planning your marketing activities. According to BPMA 96% of recipients said that promotional merchandise increases brand awareness. 83% of respondents in the same survey said they remembered the brand advertised for an average of 12 months. 79% said they were likely to do business with the brand in the future.

Switched on marketers recognise the worth of promotional products. They understand that they are a key element of their marketing plan, recognising that they encourage loyalty, increase awareness, add impact and create a buzz.

In a world where digital messages, pics and news feeds reign, marketing with a tangible product, that can be held in your hands, is unexpected. It adds interest and sparks excitement. When customers receive a useful or interesting gift they talk about it. They tell colleagues and suppliers and post pics on social media; thus extending reach. Wearable products also help with this. Wearers enjoy wearing something they deem visually appealing or cool, and at the same time spread your message to everyone they come into contact with.

Often the most successful campaigns are those that are integrated. It makes sense to coordinate all channels, including online and offline. There are many ways that physical products can complement online strategies. For example, through utilising hashtags, landing pages and creating content around items. And when you create a buzz around a product, a likely outcome is that you will benefit from user generated content as recipients share pics, videos, etc. with their networks.

Promotional merchandise has many different purposes. It’s not always just about increasing awareness for the purpose of generating leads or increasing sales. For example, items are frequently used to say thank you or to reward loyalty or excellence. It makes sense to keep your customers happy and makes them feel valued. The result is often repeat business.

Recipients of promotional merchandise are far less likely to discard or throw away physical products than flyers or leaflets, especially if they are practical or functional items. Think pens, travel card holders, trolley coins and coasters. Items that are used on a daily basis ensure your name, branding and message are displayed frequently.

Promotional products provide a lot of scope to be creative, push back boundaries and have fun. Most of our items are fully customisable, providing the opportunity to explore and experiment with colour, materials and artwork. We are always excited to see how customers incorporate their own ideas into our products.

Promotional merchandise is effective. The research supports this, and the number of repeat orders we receive from happy customers bears this out. Promotional products increase brand awareness, further reach, and increase sales. They work best when integrated into your wider marketing activities.

Struggling to get started? Read our Promotional Products 101 post or contact Carrie on 01524 230 300.

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