Car Air Fresheners: Promotional Products for the Automotive Industry

24th October 2021

Custom Car Air Fresheners

It’s that time of year again when the nights draw in and there’s a chill in the air. While there’s much to look forward to such as cosy nights at home, bonfire night and Christmas celebrations, motorists face a cold winter ahead with frosty mornings, icy conditions and Christmas shopping queues. Snow has already been forecast and we could see icy conditions in the next few weeks. Now is a good time for drivers to make a few careful preparations to reduce their chances of breaking down.

During autumn and winter months we notice an increase in businesses ordering personalised car air fresheners. They are popular with a range of organisations from taxi firms to breakdown companies and car repair shops.

During the winter months, especially during the run-up to Christmas, public transport such as buses and trains become busier. More people rely on taxi services to take them Christmas shopping or pick them up from work parties. We work with a number of taxi firms and provide them with cheap car air fresheners to scent their vehicles, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Break down companies also order our custom car air fresheners. They see an upsurge in business during the colder months as more customers need repairs or pick-ups. As well as displaying the air fresheners in their own vehicles, they hand them out to customers to ensure their number and details are always prominent. They make a fun and functional promotional gift.

Throughout the year we sell to a wide range of car wash companies and car valets. These services tend to increase over the winter months, with rain and slush making vehicles grimy.

Our car air fresheners can be cut to any shape and can be customised with your choice of artwork and message. We’re always excited to see the creative ways in which our customers promote their businesses. And we can customise further by adding your choice of fragrance, from zingy citrus scents to warm vanilla. These items are unique in that they act in a multi-sensory capacity. The evocative fragrances draw attention, and the creative shapes and designs promote your organisation or services.

Our car air fresheners are part of our range of promotional products for the automotive industry. Our large custom flags draw attention to forecourts or showrooms, increasing visitor numbers and displaying contact information. Our car flags and car window stickers are used in individual vehicles and are effective where staff cover a lot of miles. We also offer custom lanyards and pens.

We pride ourselves on offering second to none customer service. From your initial enquiry, to quoting and managing artwork, we will guide you through the process, so you can concentrate on what you do best. You can request a quote directly through our website and even upload your artwork, avoiding issues of emailing large files.

We offer fast, efficient turnaround times and delivery. Shipping is free of charge to one UK mainland location when you spend £50 or more. Order now from our website or contact Carrie at with any questions.

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